Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Gift

Today is Ron M's birthday, and we had our usual celebration with cake, little gifts, cards, etc., but I was the one who got the real gift today.
A gentleman (in the true sense of the word) came in because he'd been told by his Uncle Reuben Tipton that I had been looking for pictures of old Afton.  Reuben is a friend of Afton Station, one of the solid long-time citizens of the town, and the guy who gave me all that great corn for the past couple of  years.  Anyway, I assured Reuben's nephew Jack that I certainly did want old photos.   He left, and was back in a flash, having put all the photos on a CD for me!!!   And they are great pictures!   I will be putting some of them on the blog in the next day or so.
To add to the pleasure, it turns out that Betty, who was there for Ron's birthday party, has known Jack for 40 years but hasn't seen him for about 5 years, so they had a very sweet reunion.  Jack has lived in Magnolia, Texas since moving from Afton in the late 70s.
Check out the big family who visited this morning -- grandma, grandpa, daughter, son-in-law, and a number of cousins.   The daughter and son-in-law and their kids are visiting from Antwerp, Belgium and the rest of the family lives in Lenore, Kansas.  They were all enjoying a week together at Grand Lake.

Other visitors came from Winnebago IL, Naperville IL, Miami OK, Giddings TX, and Payoze, Hungary.   It was a great day filled with interesting travelers and some extremely yummy lemon cake!  Who could ask for anything more?



Susan Yates said...

Please, pass my Happy Birthday greeting on to Ron and tell him I wish him many more.

Ron McCoy said...

Thank you, Susan. Long time no see! ---Ron

Beth said...

Wishing Ron a very, very happy birthday! Sounds like it was a good day!

Cool gift for you, too, Laurel!

Mike said...

Happy birthday, Ron. See you next week.