Thursday, July 11, 2013

Relaxing on the Ribbon Road

I love it when former visitors to Afton Station send me photos of their Route 66 trip which they think I'd like.  The father and daughter from Iowa who visited on Tuesday were not only great, enthusiastic travelers, but they were kind enough to send me these photos they took on the 9-foot highway because when I saw them on their iPad I commented that I loved them.   Here they are. . .
Thanks so much!   I do love the idea of lounging on the old road with the 'Vette in the background!

Today was moderately busy.  Ron M. was with me all day and Tattoo Man stopped in for a while.  Tattoo just got the insurance straightened out in regard to fixing his Stallion which was wrecked in an accident in Tulsa, and today he found out that it will probably be repaired in a week or two.  Now that he's repaired himself (i.e. recovered from his recent hospitalizations) he is excited that he'll be able to arrive at the Joplin Festival astride his beloved bike.

Our visitors today came from Kittanning PA, Natrona PA, Apollo PA, Augusta KS, Baxter Springs KS, Grand Rapids MI, Houston TX, Whitesboro TX, Jay OK, and Tulsa OK.

Find the little boy in this photo of a family from Tulsa.  He was adamant that he did NOT want his photo taken, so a smidgen of the back of his head is all you get.  Too bad, because he was a cutie.
Here's one of the bikes belonging to four neat guys from various towns around Pittsburgh, PA who rode in rather early in the morning having just "survived" a ride on the 9-foot highway.  They were hot but happy, and two of them bought our long-sleeve t-shirt to protect them from further sunburn.
A lady from Afton also came in told us that she just moved to town -- or actually to a farm just outside of town.  Welcome to our new neighbor!   Come back again!   And that's all for today, folks. . .


Beth said...

As you know, the Ribbon Road was absolutely one of my favorite parts of 66! It was just astounding to me to see how narrow the road once was. We loved driving that stretch! Great photos!

~JP~ said...

The ribbon Road is a very interesting section of Rte 66! I just wish that they would do a better job of maintaining it :-(