Saturday, July 27, 2013

Corn. . . and other matters

Just as Ron M. and I were closing Afton Station getting ready to drive home, Reuben Tipton came in with a cooler full of his home-grown corn, the best ever!  This is the third year he's done this. . . and he even shucks it first.  I love Reuben and his corn!

Oh yeah, we did also have visitors today. (Sorry to get carried away with the corn... ha ha).  In fact, it was a very good day at the Station, with travelers arriving in a well-spaced way so that there was time to chat with all of them.  They came from Lockridge IA, Fulton IL, Jenks OK, South Park PA, Langley OK, Goodley TX, Bienne Switzerland, Muskogee OK, Bartlesville OK, and Limoges, France.
Here's the good-looking young couple from Limoges, France (home of the beautiful decorative porcelain) on their first Route 66 trip and his first trip to the States.  They both spoke good English, so I didn't have to drag out my ridiculously inadequate French language knowledge.
And here's the family from Bienne, Switzerland.   They, too, had a fine command of the English language, so I was once again spared from embarrassing myself with my inability to speak any foreign languages adequately. The dad collects antique cars, and among them are several unique American models.  He restores them himself.
This fellow from Fulton, Illinois loved the DeSoto.   He's a true vintage car lover who studied each car lovingly.
From Godley, Texas, this family also appreciates antique cars.  The son was quite taken with the Model A pickup.  His parents said he shouldn't think about it for a while, since it's still several years until he can get his license.  I have a feeling he'll be thinking about it for all those years.  Nice folks!

At the end of the day, a repeat visitor James Rigler from Muskogee, OK dropped in.  He is restoring an old Packard so we always have plenty to talk about.  Another repeat visitor, Eric Gernert from South Park, Pennsylvania, stopped by  on his way out to Tucumcari, after which he will come back to the Festival in Joplin on his way home.  Nice to see him.

Ron M. was with me today, and Tattoo Man and Robin also stopped in .

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