Sunday, June 30, 2013

Check this out. . .

The last day of the month brought a plethora of folks to Afton Station, and almost half of the travelers were from foreign countries.   They came from Mackay Queensland Australia, Norberg Sweden, Linkdping Sweden, Taby Sweden, Tampke Finland, Helsinki Finland, St. Alberts Alberta Canada, and Ararat Victoria Australia.    We also had visitors from Pittsburg KS, Waldeboro ME, Pleasant Hill MO and Checotah OK.

Just check out the photos. . .
Aussies from Mackay, Queensland. . .
Three lovely Swedish ladies, from Norberg, Llinkdping, and Taby. . .
A most interesting couple from Tampek, Finland. . .
This fellow, traveling alone, from Helsinki, Finland. . .
The gentleman from Victoria, Australia (who, incidentally has about 13 gorgeous vintage cars of his own), chats with the gentleman from St. Alberts Canada while his wife looked for some iPhone photos of their Aussie car collection for me to admire.  I did!
.A kind grandma from Waldeboro, Maine is taking her granddaughters on a Route 66 adventure.  All are having a marvelous time.
This is the 1936 Ford Roadster C-18 which was driven by the fellow from Alberta, Canada.  It was made in Canada and it is breathtakingly lovely.

And finally. . .
For those who have an interest in such things, Ron M. and I stopped by the famous McDonald's that straddles the Interstate in Vinita to snap a picture of the demolition that's going on there.  The arched portion will remain and be revitalized, but the two side buildings are being razed and will be replaced.  Ho hum. . .

I learned how to say "thank you" in Swedish today, so take (pronounced tack-eh) to all my guests today!

Oh wait!   Two more things:  I totally forgot to report yesterday that Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones surprised us by driving up to Afton.  He is healing nicely from his most recent surgery and seems to be right back to his old enthusiastic self.   And speaking of our frequent lovable but crazy visitors, Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker dropped in for a visit today, too.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Can I go with you?"

Today, it's last things first.   It was a huge day loaded with great visitors, but these two guys who showed up near the end of the day made me want to say "Make room.  I'm going with you!"  Besides being a pair of very attractive cousins, they were full of smiles, fun, and energy.  The guy on the left is from Berlin, Germany and his cousin on the right is from Istanbul, Turkey.  They are smiling their way down Route 66, of course.
The group from the AACA (American Antique Car Association) arrived just before noon, 24 of them in some lovely old cars.

They swarmed all over the museum and naturally, being a group of certified "car guys (and gals)", they truly enjoyed our collection.
Another entirely pleasant couple came from Manchester, England.  They were thrilled - as we all were - that the weather has cooled off a bit for their cross-country trip.
These two cross-Route 66 bicyclers from Hanover, Germany only stayed for a little while because they came early in the morning and wanted to get back on the road before it got hotter.  I hope they are able to withstand the well-over-100-degree days they're going to find in Arizona and the desert of California.
Imagine two folks who take the time to stop in to Afton Station on their move from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Albuquerque, New Mexico!   They decided they were just plain tired of Wisconsin weather so they're transplanting themselves in NM, where his brother lives.  They have all their worldly goods with them and will find a place to live when they get there.  That's what I call adventuresome!
The rest of our 48 visitors today came from Coffeyville KS, Ft. Worth TX, and the following cities in Oklahoma -- Disney, Tulsa, Edmond, Stroud, and Jenks.

Need a home overlooking Route 66 in Tulsa?  This lovely trailer is for rent, and it includes the fashionable upholstered chairs next to the front door.   No?  Well, I tried. . .

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Must be June!

Hot as a fritter, as they say.  Humid as a ...... well, whatever is the most humid thing you can imagine.  Yep, that was today in beautiful downtown Afton, Oklahoma, so I'm forgiving all of you who could have come to Afton Station for a visit but preferred instead to stay in a car, or in a motel room, or at home with the air conditioning cranking away.

It wasn't busy today, but we had our share of visitors.   A great family of four came to Oklahoma from Hilo, Hawaii (on the Big Island) because their daughter is an avid follower of the Oklahoma Thunder, our pro basketball team and just wanted to see the state in which they play.  Hard to imagine leaving Hawaii for this weather, but the family said that it's not uncommon for humidity to descend upon their islands, too.
Ah, youth!   Of all the interesting items we display at the Station, the teen age son and daughter were most fascinated by our dial telephone!   They'd never seen one before.  Boy, do I feel old!
Here's the basketball-loving daughter signing the guest book.

Other visitors came from Tucson AZ, Cassville MO, and Miami and Fairland, OK.  This woman from Missouri has visited previously, but came back to give herself a treat by buying one of our books.  I was most happy to help her with a selection.
Robin has been working on a special project for us, and she's doing a magnificent job.  The nature of the project won't be completely revealed until she's finished, so keep coming back.  Meanwhile, see y'all on Saturday!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sun's Up!

I was a little early on my way to Afton today, even after eating the absolutely, positively, unquestionably  largest sausage omelet in the world at Clanton's in Vinita.  (Actually, I ate a third of it and put the rest in the fridge at the Station, then forgot to bring it home tonight.)  Anyway. . . since I was still early, I took a little country side road for a mile or so just as the sun was rising and caught this pretty panorama.   A great way to begin a day!

Afton Station was a fairly quiet day today, but not so quiet as to make me unhappy.  I had my share of visitors, but they were well spaced, so I could chat with all of them.  They came from Cannock England,  Tamworth England, Alyangula Australia, Marshall MN, McPherson KS, Lyon France, and Tulsa and Oklahoma City, OK.
These three gentlemen from England arrived very early while I was still opening up, and they caught me in a true frenzy because I couldn't unlock the door to the rear car showroom.  I've had this trouble in the past, but it has never before proved to be impossible even to turn the key.  One of these awfully nice guys immediately took the key from me and worked on it himself.  He was successful, but not until applying a lot of force to the key.  (Marly came later and fixed the problem, a matter of the building settling and disrupting the key mechanism.)   The British guys were on motorcycles and call themselves the Wild Hogs.  They're riding for a charity, a hospice that at one time served all of their parents.  I was happy to make a small contribution to the cause.   Great guys!!!
This handsome family from France was the last in the door late this afternoon.  Lovely folks who seemed to be enjoying their American holiday.  They spoke very little English, but the father was able to tell me that he's a musician and that his wife had given him the Route 66 trip as a surprise gift.  I had a little time to practice my horrific French, but they did seem to understand most of what I said.  He's making a movie about the differences between road trips in France vs here in the U.S.  I'll let you know when he puts it on YouTube.

Demolition started today on the World's Largest McDonalds at the service plaza in Vinita.  I checked it out on the way home, and indeed there are people and trucks all over the place.  Should be interesting to watch the progress.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Can't Complain!

Great day!  Not too crowded, not too empty, not too hot (indoors, at least), not too cold, and best of all were the great visitors!  I can't complain!   Our Afton Station day started with a visit from these two beautiful people from Madrid, Spain who just happened to be on their honeymoon.   They were so cute and had such great smiles and enthusiasm.  They were married just a bit more than a week ago.
 Here they are in their rented convertible which they admitted was awfully hot, especially with the black seats.   We told them to park under our portico for a while to let the car cool down.  It's almost 100 degrees here today.
Other visitors came from Ramona OK, Pierce City MO, Fredonia KS (a couple taking a little trip on their first anniversary), Kamloops British Columbia, Hughes Springs TX, and Jay, OK.
The end of the day couldn't have been any better when these three brothers from Afton dropped in.  I've mentioned them before and praised them for being just about the nicest, most well-behaved, articulate young men I've ever met.  Jacob, Noah, and little Luke (also known as Boo Boo, since he manages to get hurt a lot) should be praised for being just plain "good kids".   Their parents are doing a fine job with them, and I told the boys that they're welcome any time at Afton Station.

Michael Scruggs dropped in for a while today and snapped a few photos, as usual.  Here's one I particularly liked.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Solstice + Blackberries + Prime Rib = Overload!

First of all, happy Summer Solstice, the wonderful time just before the days start to get shorter and shorter.   I love long days!   I also love blackberries!   Every Saturday for about the past five, on our way to Afton Station Ron M. and I cruise past a tiny farmers' market in Chelsea to see if the blackberries have come in yet.   The two or three farmers there are beginning to recognize my car.  Well, today the blackberries were there!!!!  They are the biggest, sweetest, juciest berries I've ever seen, and they're just as good this year as last year.  Blackberry Cobbler, here I come!  

It was a great day at the Station today, too.  We visited with folks from Trolihittan Sweden, Omaha NE, South Bend IN, Norton Shores MI, Fort Collins CO, Lumberton TX, Oak Grove MO, Fontana KS, Wolfsburg Germany (I think), and Tulsa, Vinita, and Miami, OK.  
Here are the two couples from Sweden who were at our door even before we were officially open.  We welcomed them with open arms, however, and sped up the opening process just for them.  Lovely people!

A family from Tulsa along with grandpa from Lumberton, TX arrived in these two cool vehicles.  Love the '52 Pontiac Catalina!   They had two little kids who seemed to be  having a good time checking out all the nooks and crannies.
And then.... after all that excitement.... Ron M. and I decided to stop to eat on the way home.  Oh my goodness!  At 4:30 in the afternoon I had a huge hunk of prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes, Caesar salad and the best croissant I've had in years.  Ron had a big 'ol sirloin steak, baked potato, Caesar salad and croissant.  Shame on us!   So now I'm home and feel like I need to go to bed and sleep it off immediately, whereas what I should do is exercise it off.   I vote for sleeping.   I'll be back in Afton tomorrow with more tales of happy travelers.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Loo

Project of the Day:   Well, it seems that somehow yesterday our toilet (or loo, or stool, or terlet, or porcelain throne ... take your pick) had a major failure.  It came unseated from the floor and flooded the bathroom.  We could have resealed it, but we've needed a new one anyway, so off went Marly to the local Lowe's and came back with a much sturdier one.
He then removed the old one and installed the new one.... while never letting up on potty jokes as he labored, of course.  Here he is, having removed the old appliance.  ( That's an electronic cigarette in  his mouth.)
And here he is, looking proud, with the finished product.  Thank you so much, Marly.  What would we do without you?!

With the crisis averted, Ron M. and I cheerfully greeted a number of cool visitors, beginning with these two gentlemen from Anglesey Wales,Great Britain.   Old friends for decades, they are "doing the Route" and will meet their wives, who chose to fly, in California.  Betty even invited these jolly guys to sign her cast!
Later in the day, this father and his two grown children from Perth, Australia came to visit.  Once again, their enjoyment of the trip was contagious and made our last hour of the day ever so pleasant.  The father is originally from South Africa.  He wanted his kids to experience a drive-in movie while in the U.S., and since they expected to spend the night in Tulsa, we guided them toward the wonderful, iconic Admiral Twin.  I have no doubt that they'll have a super evening!   The new Superman movie is playing!
The remainder of our guests came from Pinehurst NC, Moline IL, Wichita Falls TX, Fairfax VA, and Langley and Claremore, OK.

The folks from Pinehurst, NC have a daughter named Afton, so they bought just about everything we have that bears that name.  His father is also named Afton, so they bought doubles of most things.   Dugger, the fellow from Claremore, OK supplies some of the items I sell and  he also has a new coffee house/ Route 66 souvenir shop which sounds just wonderful    When in Claremore, be sure to visit "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood".   Dugger is a fine fellow.
P.S. -  Tripper is thrilled by our new potty because his photo is on it.  Now we have a porcelain penguin as well as a fiberglass one!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


As usual, I was not at Afton Station today, but Robin and Marly managed the "crowds".  Robin just sent t his photo of Dries Bessel and his group from the Netherlands.   They come for two visits every year, but their schedule always puts  them in Afton on a Wednesday, so I've still never met Dries.  Some day, I hope that will happen.

I will, of course, be back in Afton tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Pink Cast

We should have known that Betty would eventually get a pink cast on her broken hand.  She came today to ask us to autograph it.   Pink is Betty's favorite color and she wears it almost every day.  Her other bumps and bruises are coming along fine, but the pink cast will be there for another four weeks.   In other health news, Tattoo called Afton Station from the hospital just moments after he came out of surgery, and he was still VERY groggy and slurring his words.  I didn't catch everything he said except that he came through his colon repair surgery just fine and he should be out of the hospital in a couple of days.

Ron M. and I dealt with a pretty big day today.  There were 29 visitors and they came from Lowell IN, Clinton IA, Ontario Canada, Birmingham AL, Ashford England, Joplin MO, and Jones, Mustang, Woodward, and Afton, OK.
Our first visitors were these two travelers from Lowell, Indiana who arrived in a Corvette.  By coincidence a group of cruisers from the Oklahoma Corvette Club came at almost the same time.
Some have been to Afton Station previously but most have not.  All were welcome visitors, and it's always nice to have a contingent of 'Vettes in our parking lot!
Later in the day, a group from the Ontario (Canada) T-bird club arrived, also unexpectedly.  So, whereas we had a lot full of pretty Corvettes in the morning, we had a lot full of pretty T-birds (like this "Rare Bird") in the afternoon.  How great is that?!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Popping Corn. . . and not much else

The best I can say about today is that it was surprising.   I could also say it was disappointing, but since every day at Afton Station is a good day for me, I'll just stick with surprising.   Why, you ask?   Because Ron M. and I sat there ALL day, until nearly 3 o'clock, with ZERO visitors!  I wish I knew why, but I guess it's just the luck of the draw.  There was very little traffic passing by today either.  I wondered if it had anything to do with Father's Day, although in previous years we've had a number of families come on that day so Dad could enjoy the old cars.  But not today.   

To assuage our boredom, we made (and ate) popcorn.  It was delicious and made the place smell like a movie theater as usual, but of course without a movie.   Michael Scruggs and a local frequent visitor, Scott, came by for a while.  Otherwise, many magazines were read and Sunday crosswords completed.  
 And then, as we were getting ready to close up, this lovely couple from Ruche, Switzerland appeared at the door.   They made the day worthwhile.   Despite having little English, they were full of smiles of appreciation, and we certainly appreciated their visit!
On the other hand, yesterday the visitors kept coming long after I left the Station.  When Marly was told he wouldn't be driving the bride, he brought back the Studebaker, and lo and behold, there were visitors at the door!   He visited with people from Ohio and Arkansas.

One more thing. . . today we saw a young man who appeared to be skateboarding Route 66.  He didn't stop, but he had an enormous pack on his back and was being followed by a guy on a bicycle with equally as large packs.   This is a first for us, and we wish they had stopped.  If anyone knows anything about this, I'd love to hear the details.

Here's a photo just sent to me from Jean from Australia who visited the Station with Laurie Garth on Thursday.   Laurie is in the middle, and no need to identify the other two. . .

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Relatively Sane

If poor Robin's day yesterday -- working alone with 48 visitors and still not entirely recovered from her bronchitis -- could be described as insane, then today was relatively sane by comparison.  For no reason we can understand, we only had 12 visitors today.  At this time of year, you never can tell.  Today, Ron M., Tattoo Man, Marly, and Robin were all present for all or part of the day.
It's not often that we take several cars out of the showrooms at once, but today Marly had to get  the Studebaker out, and in order to do so, it was necessary to move the '65 Chevy and the Citroen. Photo op!   Marly is using the Studebaker to transport a bride to her wedding tonight.   She had her pick of any of the cars, but she chose the Stude.  We're a little skeptical about how it will go since 1) there's no air conditioning, 2) there's not much room in the back seat wherer the bride and her flower girl plan to sit, and 3) it's beginning to rain.  I do hope all goes well with the plan!

Visitors came from Kansas City KS, Leavenworth KS, Torino Italy, Hamilton Ontario Canada, Bartlesville OK, and Redditch (near Stratford-Upon-Avon) England.   This lovely young couple came from Torino, Italy.   They're brave enough to be riding all of Route 66 on motorcycles and have no English.  I'm sure the friendliness of all of us who have businesses on Route 66 will carry them through just fine.
In the afternoon, these two fun-loving and beautiful women arrived from Redditch, England.  Before we even realized they were traveling with husbands (who were lingering outside), they were posing for this little bit of "cheesecake" -- two sexy ladies with a sexy DeSoto!    We all enjoyed these folks so much.  Clearly, they are getting a lot of joy out of their holiday.  They spent some time taking photos of our restroom (I mean, loo...) which they found interesting and amusing.  Wish they could have stayed much longer!
THIS JUST IN:   Marly texted to say that the bride forgot to call him to tell him that since it's raining, they don't need the Studebaker after all.   Just as well, Marly said, since the wipers quit and the windshield is leaking.   Too bad they didn't tell Marly earlier so he wouldn't have driven to the town where the wedding was to take place.  Although... any chance to drive that cool car can't be all bad...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friends I Never Met

Laurie Garth is an Australian (from Burpengary, near Brisbane) who is a veteran of Route 66 travel, and yet I had never been in the right place at the right time to meet him face to face.  He's a member of our Route 66 Yahoo eGroup however, so I feel like I've known him for a while.  Today, I finally met him in person.  He and his companion Jean Kewley are in the U.S. on another Mother Road adventure, and they visited with Tattoo Man and me for almost two hours today.  What lovely and interesting people, and what a pleasant visit!
In other news ... surprise, surprise!   Tattoo Man got another tattoo!   And here it is!   I've lost track of the number, but I think he said 120-something.   This one is of the Kan-O-Tex pump logo in front of Cars on the Route in Galena, Kansas.
In not so happy news. . . Betty had an accident at the new Route 66 museum in Springfield, Missouri.  Someone caused her to tumble down a staircase and she ended up with all kinds of bruises, contusions, a bash on the head, and a broken hand.  Although it was bad, we are all SOOOOOO happy that it wasn't worse.  Betty,  you really need to stop trying to be a stunt woman for the movies.  Ha ha!
Our other visitors today consisted of this family from Muskegon, Michigan, heading to their vacation home in Prescott, Arizona. . .
. . . and other folks from Hernando MS, Melbourne Australia, St. Louis MO, Fayetteville AR, Springfield MO, Orlando FL, and Fairland, OK.