Thursday, June 27, 2013

Must be June!

Hot as a fritter, as they say.  Humid as a ...... well, whatever is the most humid thing you can imagine.  Yep, that was today in beautiful downtown Afton, Oklahoma, so I'm forgiving all of you who could have come to Afton Station for a visit but preferred instead to stay in a car, or in a motel room, or at home with the air conditioning cranking away.

It wasn't busy today, but we had our share of visitors.   A great family of four came to Oklahoma from Hilo, Hawaii (on the Big Island) because their daughter is an avid follower of the Oklahoma Thunder, our pro basketball team and just wanted to see the state in which they play.  Hard to imagine leaving Hawaii for this weather, but the family said that it's not uncommon for humidity to descend upon their islands, too.
Ah, youth!   Of all the interesting items we display at the Station, the teen age son and daughter were most fascinated by our dial telephone!   They'd never seen one before.  Boy, do I feel old!
Here's the basketball-loving daughter signing the guest book.

Other visitors came from Tucson AZ, Cassville MO, and Miami and Fairland, OK.  This woman from Missouri has visited previously, but came back to give herself a treat by buying one of our books.  I was most happy to help her with a selection.
Robin has been working on a special project for us, and she's doing a magnificent job.  The nature of the project won't be completely revealed until she's finished, so keep coming back.  Meanwhile, see y'all on Saturday!

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