Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Can I go with you?"

Today, it's last things first.   It was a huge day loaded with great visitors, but these two guys who showed up near the end of the day made me want to say "Make room.  I'm going with you!"  Besides being a pair of very attractive cousins, they were full of smiles, fun, and energy.  The guy on the left is from Berlin, Germany and his cousin on the right is from Istanbul, Turkey.  They are smiling their way down Route 66, of course.
The group from the AACA (American Antique Car Association) arrived just before noon, 24 of them in some lovely old cars.

They swarmed all over the museum and naturally, being a group of certified "car guys (and gals)", they truly enjoyed our collection.
Another entirely pleasant couple came from Manchester, England.  They were thrilled - as we all were - that the weather has cooled off a bit for their cross-country trip.
These two cross-Route 66 bicyclers from Hanover, Germany only stayed for a little while because they came early in the morning and wanted to get back on the road before it got hotter.  I hope they are able to withstand the well-over-100-degree days they're going to find in Arizona and the desert of California.
Imagine two folks who take the time to stop in to Afton Station on their move from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Albuquerque, New Mexico!   They decided they were just plain tired of Wisconsin weather so they're transplanting themselves in NM, where his brother lives.  They have all their worldly goods with them and will find a place to live when they get there.  That's what I call adventuresome!
The rest of our 48 visitors today came from Coffeyville KS, Ft. Worth TX, and the following cities in Oklahoma -- Disney, Tulsa, Edmond, Stroud, and Jenks.

Need a home overlooking Route 66 in Tulsa?  This lovely trailer is for rent, and it includes the fashionable upholstered chairs next to the front door.   No?  Well, I tried. . .

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