Thursday, July 4, 2013

BOOM! . . . and not the firecracker kind!

First, Happy Independence Day to all!   I hope none of you started the day like I did.    The BOOM I referred to above was the noise my refrigerator door  made at 5 a.m. this morning when it fell off!   I'm a little too tired to go into the whole story, but just quickly:  I went to the grocery store at 4:30 a.m. as I always do, every week, since it's really the only time I have.  Came home, opened fridge to put in groceries, door fell off (yes, really!) and kind of trapped me against the opposite counter.  Fridge doors are HEAVY, especially when overloaded.   I wasn't exactly trapped, but I couldn't let go of it or it would have destroyed the opposite counter and sink, and I couldn't budge it.  Used my Medic Alert button.   Medic Alert guy sent a FIRE ENGINE out to my house!  How embarrassing!   I'm completely fine, just a little humiliated.  And, I have to get a new fridge.  Otherwise, all my stuff is trapped in my old fridge because the three cute firefighters who came to my house said if I touched it, it could fall off again.   Details available on request, but not tonight!

Ok, so on to the important stuff.... Afton Station!   It was a very fine Fourth at  the Station.  We had regulars there -- Ron M., Betty, Marly, Tattoo Man -- for much of the day, and we entertained 26 visitors as well.  We were too busy to take many photos, but there are a few.   The visitors came from Columbia MO, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Gravette AR, Tulsa OK, Sacramento CA, Enid OK, Northern Spain, Hesston KS, Adelaide Australia, Edmond OK, and Grove OK.

A nice surprise at the end of the day was a visit from our good friends Joe Meeks and Jim Morton from Tulsa.  They'd been to the Cajun Festival in Grove and stopped by on the way home.  Always fun to see them.

Here's a family from Columbia, MO.  The little 3-year-old boy was adorable!
The folks from Gravette, Arkansas arrived in this Cobra.  It's a reproduction, but none the less gorgeous and impressive.
This nicely restored '57 Chevy belongs to the visitors from Edmond, Oklahoma.

Time is short, so this will be all for today.   See you back here on Saturday and Sunday.  Robin will have the Station open tomorrow.  


Ken Riches said...

Freaky, glad you are OK.

Beth said...

Yes, what a crazy thing to have happen! So glad you weren't hurt! Bonus: three cute firefighters rescuing you! :)

Susan Yates said...

Are you kidding?!! The door fell off and you caught it?!!! Just read this a day and a half after the incident. I have to wonder how many sore spots you discovered when you got out of bed this morning. I would say be careful, but you weren't doing anything a person would normally be worried about.

Laurel said...

Yes, I caught it, but the bottom of it had crashed and was resting on the floor so I wasn't holding it completely in the air. It was an interesting dilemma, to say the least. I ordered a brand new fridge yesterday (which will be delivered Monday) because the common opinion was that if that pin was welded back on, it would never be as strong and would then possible cause the door to fall off again. Besides, I wanted a new refrigerator.... ha ha!