Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scribbling fast

Time for a quick post, as I have several things I have to get done before bedtime.  However, if you've never noticed, writing a blog post is almost always #1 on my list of things to do when I get home from Afton.  Over the years (all SIX of them!), my blog  has become more and more of a priority in my life.  I've always liked to write, and in previous years I've always kept a personal diary.  This blog is a great way to combine my love of writing with my crazy need to document my life and make it available to the public, for whatever it's worth.  It just makes me feel good to write it.   Tonight, however, it must be brief. . .

The morning was totally devoid of visitors.  Marly, who was at the Station to work on a car, spent a good bit of time with me as we sat and waited for some travelers to walk through the door.  It wasn't until after 12 noon that they started coming in.  And they came from Siloam Springs AR, Dallas TX, DeSoto TX, Houston TX, Boulder CO, Charleston WV, Erie CO, Geneva IL, and Hutchinson, KS.
Our first visitors were these three sisters from Texas and the son of one of them (whom they insisted go to the back of the photo because he's so tall!)   They are doing a little Route 66 exploration before returning home to Dallas, DeSoto, and Houston.  A super nice family!
Our next visit was from Daisy and Clementine (oh yes, and their parents from Charleston, WV.)  Sorry about cutting the heads off the family, but the dogs were so charming that I couldn't take the lens off of them.  Daisy is beagel-ish, and Clementine is bloodhound-ish.

My final visitors of the day were this couple from Hutchinson, KS who arrived in their orange 2011 Challenger that looked mighty sleek in front of our gas pumps.  Unfortunately, the photographer (me) failed to take a decent photo of it.  They bought some guide books and the beautiful "Sightings", a coffee table book, and they certainly made my day financially happy!

And there you have it.  My day.

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Susan Yates said...

You had an interesting variety of visitors today, albeit a smaller total than you've become used to this summer.

I appreciate your loyalty to your blog, Laurel. I check it every day you are scheduled to be at Afton Station and you never fail to have a new post. Every now and then you have a bonus post written on a "day off" and that's always a nice surprise.