Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pardon my brevity

This will be short and, I  hope, sweet.   It was a great day at Afton Station, but the fact is that I have a dinner guest coming (actually, it's Ron M.) and I need to cook before he gets here.  So, just the facts, Ma'am (or Mister). . .

The visitors came from Berwyn PA, York PA, Livingston TX, Chanute KS, Bentonville AR, Everett WA, Tluszcz Poland, and Owasso, Twin Oaks, Adair, Claremore, and Chelsea, OK.
This college senior (Green Mountain College in VT), who is actually from Berwyn, PA just loves cars.  He had been to the Peterson Auto Museum in CA before he got to Afton.  The Peterson is considered one of (if not THE) finest car collection in the country, so I was fearful that he'd think ours was pretty rinky dink.  On the contrary, it turns out he prefers the smaller, private collections, so I breathed a sigh of relief!
This is a very sweet family from York, PA.   Little Chloe, almost two years old, had her "companion", a Cabbage Patch baby also named Chloe, hanging off her tummy in a little baby carrier.  The family is expecting Baby #2 soon.   They didn't know that we took this picture of dad changing Chloe on the top of the car.   We couldn't resist.   It was so charming and cute!
Ron M. took this sensational photo showing the reflections of our gas pumps in the chrome on the bike of one of our visitors from Twin Oaks, OK.  Absolutely great shot, Ron!
Our only foreign visitors today were this family from Poland.   He told me about the Packard "clones" that were built as limousines in Russia in the '50s.   He thought they were called "tschaika" but he wasn't sure.  I'll be sure to look that up, as it sounds like an interesting story.  The two little boys were really nice kids!
Off to the kitchen to put finishing touches on dinner.    Back to Afton in the morning.

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