Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lots of Kids!

We were pleased to see lots of kids on the road with their parents today.  I truly feel that the average age of Route 66 travelers is quickly falling.  I know that much of that can be attributed to the movie "Cars".  Even though it was in theaters quite a few years ago, it is still a big influence on kids.   Never do children come to Afton Station that aren't in love with 'Mater, and many have just visited 'Mater down the road in Galena.  They also love to push the button on my little 'Mater statue and listen to him talk to them.

Today we had a pretty small number of visitors (approx. 20), but two groups had kids on board, and great kids they were!
This lady, her little boy and her niece stopped in.  They're from Commerce, OK and she is soon to open a children's party planning business there.   The little boy was a bit camera shy, but he sure looked nifty in his cowboy outfit and carrying his orange rifle!  
These folks are returning from a Route 66 trip all the way to California.  They're from New Albany, Indiana and the kids are home schooled so they're getting an amazing hands-on geography lesson.

Other visitors came from Burkburnett TX, Biarritz France, Tulsa OK, Nevada MO, and Rich Hill, MO.

Tattoo Man got his name put on the trunk of his new Stallion.  He came to show us today.   He'll be driving it to the Festival in Joplin next weekend, and he's about to get dual exausts for it, too.   He's turning into a regular 3-wheeled hot rodder!

And speaking of next weekend, don't forget the Road Crew concert at Afton Station next Sunday (Aug.4) at 1 p.m.  Should be a lot of fun, and we already have quite a few folks who plan to come.  It's free and there will be pop and water to wet  your whistle if it's a very hot day.   Bring a chair if you don't like to stand.

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