Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our New Sign!

Well, although it's not completely finished, I can't resist posting this photo of our "secret" project at Afton Station.   It was a combination of a lot of people's ideas and talents, but primarily Robin is responsible for all the printing and painting.   Marly put it together today and couldn't wait to install it, even though we have a few finishing touches yet to do.   I don't know what you call it (a mileage sign, perhaps), but it sure will be a great photo op, and I hope it draws people who will then take a peek inside the Station.
It was a dizzying day at Afton Station.  Robin had a similar day yesterday, with the arrival of a group of 40 Norwegians who hadn't told us in advance of their arrival.  No problem... we're always happy to greet anyone, even those unexpected.  

We didn't have any big groups today, but we did have quite a few visitors, including the country singer Jess McEntire and his friend Joe Roark who came by to bring some new CDs Jess has made.  I'll be selling them at Afton Station, but I only have a few copies now.  Joe is connected with an organization that's working for the promotion of Route 66 travel and Jess is doing the same through music. He'll be performing at the Joplin Festival the first weekend in August.
The Route 66 guitar which Jess is holding will be selected via a drawing at the Festival.  It's a beauty, signed by Loretta Lynn!!  To find out how to enter, check out
Four lovely, cordial Norwegians (from Oslo) also came to visit.  We really enjoy our Norwegian visitors, and these were no exception.   Here they are, buying souvenirs of their trip.
In the forefront is a  young man from Dallas, TX  traveling with his dad.  Both can be described as "car nuts", which of course is a big compliment around here.   His dad is in the background on the left and to his right is Joe Roark I told you about before.  Joe's mission can be discovered at:
This little girl and her granddad are from Lucedale, Mississippi.  She was most intrigued by the penny pinching machine.  Five family members were traveling Route 66 together.

Great news for some of our Afton Station friends.  Betty stopped by to show off her hand, which is now cast-free.  Looks pretty good, although it will be a while before she gets full mobility back.  Tattoo Man also stopped by and he found out that his beloved Stallion trike will be completely repaired from it's wreck and ready to drive by the weekend.  He's a happy camper for sure!

One more thing... a confession.   I have become addicted to a little monthly newspaper called "Jailbirds", which is nothing more than mug shots of criminals from all the surrounding counties in NE Oklahoma.   I love to look at the pictures of the less-than-pretty faces.  Betty got me hooked.  Anyway, they're  having a contest.  If one sends in one's photo with the Jailbirds logo in the picture and is chosen at random, he or she (or me!) wins a Jailbirds t-shirt.  And oh yeah, I need one of those!  So, here's my entry.  Ron snapped it.  Ok, I'm nuts.

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Mick said...

What a GREAT sign, I sure wish "Casablanca Texas" fell on old 66! It looks great!