Saturday, July 6, 2013

Want to buy a shaved ice stand?

When the shaved ice place opened up next to Afton Station we had high hopes for it.  It is actually on our property, which we kindly let them use thinking it would bring business to Afton.    Well, in order to sell shaved ice cones, you have to open up occasionally.  This didn't really happen.   Their hours were very short (about 3 hours a day, if at all), and lately they haven't been open at all.  Now, the "For Sale" sign has gone up on the building.  For $8,500 or best offer, it can be  yours.  I still feel that it could be a profitable concern if open during the hottest parts of the day in the summer, particularly on weekdays when a lot of truckers and other workers are going past.  It also needs some picnic tables next to it, and a large Route 66 shield, always guaranteed to attract Route 66 travelers.   So, if anyone is feeling entrepreneurial, let me know.  I have the phone number of  the current owner.
Today's visitors could have used some shaved ice.  It was very hot, and although we tried to live without the air conditioner, we eventually turned it on.  Those visitors came from Edmond OK, Mt. Calm TX, Columbus KS, Racine MO, Sapulpa OK,  Antwerp Belgium, and Cuba, MO.

The folks from Edmond, OK were the daughter of the current Afton mayor and her husband, both of whom grew up in Afton and came back just to take a walk around town.

The little girl from Mt. Calm, TX made a bee line for the pressed penny machine.
So did the little girl from Racine, MO who came in with her parents who are longtime friends of our "resident" photographer Michael Scruggs.  Here Michael is helping her use the machine.
This good-looking and extremely nice couple from Antwerp, Belgium were are only foreign visitors today.
Frank Gierhard, fellow member of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association, stopped by with his lady friend Stella.  Nice to see them!
Meet Bob (front and center), his wife, and friends.  Bob's Gasoline Alley on Route 66 in Cuba, MO is a huge collection of gasoline and automobile memorabilia, possibly the largest in the country, and it's open by appointment only to groups and individuals.  Bob and his wife, as well as some friends, visited Afton Station today for the first time.  I can't imagine that Bob was very impressed by our meager collection of gasoline memorabilia compared to his, but we definitely enjoyed their visit and now I can't wait to drive up to Cuba to view his goodies! will show you a few photos of the neat place.


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$8500? Does that include the syrup?

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Wanting to know if this snow cone shop is still available? Please advise.

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