Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Having fun yet?

I sincerely hope that none of our visitors to Afton Station, or to Route 66, feel this way. So far, in my multiple years of greeting travelers, I've only met a handful who say they're NOT having fun. I'm convinced that it's all in the attitude and the preparation. For some people, getting lost is not fun. (I, on the other hand, enjoy getting lost and seeing new things.) For those folks, lots of advanced preparation for the trip is a must. I'm not talking about pre-scheduling every single motel, restaurant, and point of interest down to the minute; I mean being sure the travelers have a good supply of guide books and maps. Believe me, it cuts down considerably on the on-the-road spats which then lead to a car full of disgruntled people. Just chill!

Starting out on a journey with an upbeat attitude is important, too. For me, it's impossible to imagine beginning a Route 66 trip without a sense of excitment and optimism. Hey, it's ROUTE 66... and I'm on VACATION! Who could ask for anything more??!!

But if you read this blog, you already know all that. You're undoubtedly already a fan of travel, and there's no sense in me preaching to the choir. So, instead I'll show you a couple of the photos that Ron took at the Station in the past week. I'll be back in Afton tomorrow. Tonight, I'm braising short ribs.

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Trevor Hilton said...

Some people like to Road Trip. Other's like to go to a specific destination. I like to mix the two; sort of cruise to my destination.

But, the people who complain that Route 66 is just a bunch of boring small towns and is hard to follow, well, I figure they probably complain that the Smithsonian is full of old junk.