Friday, July 2, 2010

Little GTO

Ron M. and I drove down to the Blue Dome in Tulsa to take photos and meet the drivers of the GTO which is crossing the country on Route 66 using CNG (compressed natural gas) as its only fuel source. We were unsuccessful on both counts. The GTO was there along with several support vehicles but there were no people to be found anywhere! They must have been off having lunch. Furthermore, my camera was accidentally set on "movie" so we got no usable photos of the fleet. Oh well, nice try.

Instead, here is the news of the visit as reported by Tulsa KJRH Channel 2.

The GTO has made stops in California and Texas, and after Tulsa will go on to Miami, OK for a fill-up. There are sadly very few places along Route 66 (or in the country in general) where filling the tank can be accomplished. They plan to finish their tour in Chicago.

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