Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dog Days on Route 66

This is Andy, who visited this morning from Greenville, Michigan with his master. They were heading for Texas, but stayed for a while while we chatted and Andy feasted on a couple of our complimentary doggie treats. If you plan to come to Afton Station, please know that you are welcome to bring your pet. We are extremely dog-friendly at the Station. Andy was a cute, well-behaved little guy.
Patty, one of my nurses at the St. John Medical Center Dialysis unit came for a visit today and brought her grandson, 9-year-old Dorian. She was picking up a chair made from a tractor seat. I told her she could have it since she collects tractor seats and we don't. In return, she brought me four bottles of wine from her daughter and son-in-law's Blue Coyote Winery in Adair, OK. Yum! A nice visit and a great trade-off for everyone involved. Dorian is questioning the comfort aspects of the tractor seat chair

All the rest of today's visitors were from foreign countries. They came from Munich Germany, Geneva Switzerland, Montreal Canada, and Birmingham, England. I guess the Americans were hiding from the heat. This German couple braved the torrid temperatures on two motorcycles and plan to make it all the way to Santa Monica. Best of luck to them!

I'm kind of tired of griping about the heat, but dang, it's hot! I just heard on the news that we're due for another week of 100+ temperatures. Hey, Mother Nature. . . a little rain would be nice!

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