Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun. . .ad infinitum

What a funny day! First rain, then sun, then even bigger rain, then sun, then (on my way home from Afton Station) another one of those blinding storms that makes driving hazardous. . . and then, just as I was a couple of blocks from home, sun again! Make up your mind, will 'ya!

It was a very mellow day at the Station. Marly is back from his short vacation and worked on the new showroom building today. Betty W. came and for an hour we actually had some uninterrupted time to talk. There were only 11 visitors today, and they came from Dennison TX, Kansas City MO, Queens NY, Bristow OK, Lenoir NC, and Oslo Norway.

I liked this young couple, Monica and Ken from Bayside Queens, NY. Young travelers from NYC are a rare occurrence on Route 66, but these two were enthusiastic, well-versed in knowledge of the Road, and were having fun. To make their navigation even more rewarding, they bought a copy of the EZ66 Guide. Last year they did the Oregon Trail, and now they're all set to proceed on Route 66 to the coast.
Between rain storms I managed to get this photo of "my" corn field on the way home. As you can see, the corn is almost ready for picking.

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