Friday, July 16, 2010

False Alarm?

You can forget, for the moment, all that stuff I said yesterday about my computer dying. For some reason, it had a miraculous recovery and is running faster than ever. I have no real explanation for this. For now, I'm going to put off buying a new one, although I know this is probably a bad idea. Ron M. thinks the recovery was just "the calm before the storm". Personally, I think the problem was sunspots. Ok, quit laughing. It can happen, and usually in mid-summer.

Although I'm not in Afton today, I will post some photos to celebrate the restoration of my computer. Tomorrow I'll be back in Afton. Today, Marly's brother and sister-in-law are minding the store. They've never done it before, but I'm sure they'll do a fine job.
Can this building be saved? Not sure. It's across the street from Afton Station and down a few yards, and it appears to be beyond repair, although it would be nice if the facade could be saved for the sake of continuity of the block.

This has nothing to do with Route 66 or Afton. It's my back yard. It's just a random photo I came across in my files, a little more cheerful than that other photo of the semi-demolished building.
I feel sorry for the cows during a week like this. They have no shelter, and it's, literally, broiling outside. :-)

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