Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweatin' it out

Another day of temperatures hovering at 100. Most of our visitors to Afton Station today were from Oklahoma or adjoining states -- most, but not all. Ron M. was with me today and we visited with 25 travelers who came from Kansas City MO, Anthony KS, Wichita KS, Bixby OK, Milwaukee WI, Grove OK, Bartlesville OK, Oklahoma City OK, Quapaw OK, Broken Arrow OK, and Chicago IL.

This little girl from Bartlesville, OK and her brother were a little wary of the Snake Box. (Their mom was even more wary! ) Ron M. doesn't help much when he tells visitors that they shouldn't worry because we have a good First Aid kit handy "just in case". But once the kids saw what was inside, they went back several times to gaze at our "pets".
This is Bill and his son Chandler from Broken Arrow, OK. Bill is a regular reader of this blog, so I thought he needed to see his photo here. (Hi, Bill!) He was taking his son on a little trip to fire up his enthusiasm for Route 66.
Another very friendly visitor from Chicago turned out to be a sergeant in the Chicago Police Department (Bureau of Investigative Services). When he found out my daughter lives in Chicago, he was thoughtful enough to offer me his business card to give to her, just in case she ever needs help in the city. What a nice gesture!

On the way out of town (in the 102-degree car!) we stopped to attempt a photo of the Tallon Building. It's the one near the center of Afton that, legend has it, was faced with pieces of Route 66 pavement when the old surface was broken up during resurfacing many years ago. We wanted to see the date on the name plaque, but even after zooming and enlarging it, the date is still not readable. We'll try again tomorrow.


Susie said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the great updates. It's been a while since I commented. :)
We are leaving in a few hours or so to head west.
Have no clue when we will be going through your area.
You can follow us on our Harley blog if you like. :)

Laurel said...

Hope you come through Afton on a day that I'm there! Call ahead if you want... 918-382-9465 (h) or 918-257-4044 (Afton Station). Have a fantastic trip!

Susie said...

Thanks for wishing us a fantastic trip and for the numbers. We wrote them down. Hope we do get to come through when you are there.