Sunday, November 2, 2008

This Place Matters

THIS PLACE MATTERS is the new slogan of a new campaign by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

"The National Trust exists because place matters and we are here to help people protect,enhance, and enjoy the places that matter to them. From a family home or a neighborhood school, to your local hangout or movie theatre -- wherever you live and whoever you are, place matters. Help us spread the word about the National Trust for Historic Preservation and our mission to save places by participating in our recently upgraded This Place Matters campaign. By showcasing the diverse places that matter to all of us, we can change the way people think about heritage and make a stronger case for preserving it. What is it? This Place Matters is a photo-sharing campaign in which we ask people to take and post photos of themselves in whatever places matter to them. By sharing these photos, we can spread the word and get even more people involved in the preservation movement."

So, today we took our THIS PLACE MATTERS photos. The first one is Patrick, the three year old son of David (my ex). He wasn't much in the mood to have his picture taken today, but here's the best one we got. The second pic is of the whole gang.... David (the aforementioned ex), Ron M., me, and Ron J. Eventually, I'll post the photos on the National Trust site, but that probably won't happen tonight.

It started slowly at Afton Station today, but things picked up after noon. Besides having Ron and Ron with me all day, David and his family stopped by and brought a lovely young French-speaking exchange student from Quebec to show her the Station and the cars.

The weather today was perfect, but six motorcyclists from Missouri paused on their weekend cruise to come in and admire the cars. They ended up buying an EZ66 Guide to use for a future Route 66 trip. We also had visitors from Tulsa, Mounds OK, and from Kansas.

Possibly the most interesting people to visit were two rather elderly folks from right there in Afton. They pulled up in a nicely restored bright red '64 Mustang, which they described as their "$10" car. Seems they won it last month in a church raffle! Now they drive it to church on Sundays to make the other church members jealous. I love it! They were really cute and very proud of their new vintage vehicle, with absolutely NO intention of selling it.

I decided not to open on Election Day. I have no idea how long I'll be in line to vote, and besides, Ron M. and I want to go and see Religilous, Bill Maher's movie, in the afternoon. So, I wrote this on the front door. I didn't know Ron had photographed it, but I found it on my camera just now. He's getting a little TOO good at stealing my camera and snapping unexpected pictures. LOL!


Beth said...

I love the "This place matters!" campaign! That's a great slogan, and I hope it will get people to realize that these places DO matter. They're a wonderful part of history!

Love your VOTE sign on your door! All indications point to this being an amazing turnout. Just like these places matter, so does each and every vote!

Love, Beth

Ken Riches said...

I agree that Afton matters!

How cool (and outrageous for us true Mustang affectionados) to get a vintage car for $10 :o)

Hope you enjoy your election day.

Trevor Hilton said...

This Place Matters.

Every old Mom-and-Pop place along Route 66, and Highway 50, needs that in their front window.

Why do you want to see "Religulous"? I've read what it's about and, as a Christian, I want no part of it.

Laurel said...

My personal belief is that God blessed us with wonderfully open minds and the ability to process all sorts of data on the path to making our own moral decisions. It's just difficult to make those decisions without exposing our hearts and minds to all possibilities. I can't really comment on the movie specifically until I see it. When that happens, I'll let you know what I think. I appreciate your comments, too.