Saturday, November 22, 2008

Surreal 66

It's very sunny and very cold today, but thankfully (!) there's no precipitation in any form. I'm beginning to realize that the winter months at Afton Station aren't going to provide much fodder for this blog. I say this because I'm sitting here on this frigid Saturday, shivering and waiting for my first visitors, and also realizing that they may never arrive. The Australians and New Zealanders are all at home enjoying their own summer. For the Europeans, the winter months are not popular for travel to the U.S. And the local folks are all at home making preparations for Thanksgiving. The lower gas prices might help a bit (I paid $1.59/gal. this morning) so I may have the good fortune of greeting a few day-trippers, but I'm not holding my breath.

[Within a half hour of when I'd planned to close and go home, I got my first and only visitors. I'm glad I didn't close early, because they were a very interesting and interestED couple all the way from S. Dakota.]

In 2006 I published a calendar which I called "Surreal 66". I took 12 of my common photos of scenes I'd shot on Route 66 and Photoshopped them to death to give them somewhat unworldly looks. (It's interesting how Photoshop has evolved into a verb!) The calendar was very well-received, probably as much for it's size as for it's content. The 5x7 format is just perfect for a desk calendar., and the folks who got calendars really appreciated that. If I ever produce another calendar, it will be the same size. With little else to write about today, I thought I'd show you a couple of the photos. This was taken on 11th St. (Route 66) in Tulsa.

This is in front of a homeless mission on Southwest Blvd. (Route 66) in Tulsa.
Palmer Hotel from out the window at Afton Station.


Beth said...

I love the pictures--those are very cool. I don't have Photoshop, just a much cheaper piece of software, but I haven't done a lot with it. Seeing how neat those pictures are makes me want to play! My program is called Photo Explosion...does that mean I'm going to Photoexplode?

Uh oh.

;) Beth

Trevor Hilton said...

I like the "Jesus" sign.

If you ever want to come visit Oklahoma City, let me know. I'll show you around.