Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some shout outs

First of all -- Gordon, from Handcolored 66, thank you! I've been searching high and low for a line of colorful Route 66 postcards in the tradition of the old commercial cards that we used to buy along the road. Being a postcard collector, I'm what you might call very "postcard aware". I wanted to be able to sell some really nice ones at Afton Station. Gordon came into my life a couple of months ago when he was traveling Route 66. He told me he was a photographer, so I planted the idea of postcards in his mind. Well, he's come forth with a collection of 66 designs (latest number, but who knows, there could be more) on very high quality postcard stock! I got my first batch in the mail yesterday and put them up for sale today. I am so excited. They are GORGEOUS! They're only $1 per card, which is a great price for Route 66 postcards these days. Come in and see them soon!

Next, here's to Cort Stevens, my friend and fellow roadie from the Chicago area. I listened to his radio show for the first time last night. I didn't even know he was a DJ, much less such a pro! He plays a large assortment of tunes, and his banter includes a lot of shoutouts to Route 66, road-tripping in general, and even Afton Station! It's both on air, and online. Awesome, Cort!

It wasn't a busy day at the Station today, but it wasn't bad. The day began with a couple of neighborhood kids coming in to squash some pennies. Then my friend, photographer Michael Scruggs from Miami, OK came in to hang for a while, followed by a return visit from Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker, the second in two days. This time he brought me several really neat "Cars" related items. He just can't seem to stay away! A couple from Santa Maria, CA came next. They have 4-5 weeks to do a cross-country trip across Route 66. Dean entertained them by turning his feet backwards so that they could take pictures. I think they left in shock. LOL! The final guest was a gentleman from Oklahoma City who was born and raised in Afton. You all know how much I love talking to Afton old-timers! We had a great conversation, and he promised to look for some old photos to bring me.

I could use some input from my readers. Recently, I put a block on all comments from "Anonymous" because I've been getting a lot of ugly spam on the blog. If any of the rest of you are being blocked, please let me know at Suddenly, I'm getting a lot fewer comments on my blog, so I'm wondering if I did something wrong while implementing the block. Thanks! I don't want to lose any of you.

How does one get lost in a town that has about four streets? I have no idea, but I managed to do it this morning when I decided to drive around the tiny town of Foyil on my way to Afton. Maybe it was the hour of sleep I lost last night. Anyway, in about two seconds I found myself on a back road leading to approximately nowhere, which can be fun if you're not under time constraints. But I was. I eventually found my way back to Old Route 66, and took a couple of photos on my travels. One is a neat old building which I'm assuming was an old gas station. The other is just a farmhouse, certainly nothing special. For some reason, I related to this house, perhaps because it seems old and substantial, unlike most of the other homes in the town. I could imagine folks sitting on the porch watching all the travelers in the '40s and '50s.


Mike said...

It's fun to get lost - sometimes.

Trevor Hilton said...

As Daniel Boone once said, you weren't lost, you were just confused for a while.

Tomorrow, we're going to Branson for Spring Break. We hope to stop in for a visit.

Cathy said...

Lost among only 4 streets lol sounds familiar! So what's this about blocking folks, had someone been hassling you? I'll get my cane and defend you to the bitter!! Say, I've seen great postcards at the Jersey Shore but not quite old enuf to be in the league you're thinking, they're just "not sold yet" lol. I'd love to see something from the war era. Stay well :-)

Laurel said...

Trevor -- Don't forget that I'm closed on Monday. When are you coming back from Branson? I'll be in Afton on Tu, Thur, Sat, and Sun. Hope you can make it one of those days so I can meet your family.

Mike -- With all your maps, do you really EVER get lost?

Cathy -- I used to love to shop for postcards at the postcard shows on the Jersey Shore when I lived on the East Coast. I miss all those great postcards! As for blocking... nothing serious, just ridiculous spam, sometimes even in other languages. Couldn't translate, thus the spam wasn't doing anybody any good!

Mike said...

I may not know quite where I am but I'm never lost.