Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rewind: March snow

Last year, during the annual-yet-always-unexpected March snow storm in Oklahoma, Ron and I managed to get only a third of the way to Afton before turning back (see Mar. 28, 2009 entry). Today, we made it all the way. However, on the way up there, the weather predictions on the radio were becoming more and more dire. I was getting quite jumpy when I heard that Oklahoma had declared all 77 counties to be disaster areas. So, although we were just having a little slushy rain when we got to Afton, I made the decision to spend just about 15 minutes there to make sure everything was ok, then head back to Tulsa.

Good thing we left when we did. By the time we got home there was quite a bit of snow coming down, blowing sideways -- almost whiteout conditions. I dropped Ron off at his house, then came home myself. It took me about 15 attempts before I could get up my driveway. Not fun! I'm safe at home now, and kind of pissed off at Mother Nature because I really wanted to be at the Station today. And who knows about tomorrow? They're predicting about a foot of snow up there, and they're not famous for road clearing in the boonies. We shall see.

And remember, yesterday there were 70+ degree temperatures, sun, and spring in the air.

View from my porch (Can you see the marks from my struggle to negotiate my hilly driveway?)Last year's March snow picture. Look familiar?

Ron's house when I dropped him off

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