Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Bison at Buffalo Ranch -- the fake one

Difference between small town and big city: This morning, at the Afton post office, I noticed that all three of the other cars parked there were left unlocked with their motors running. I turned mine off and locked the door, out of habit. Sad.

Note on an ad for a real estate broker on the placemat where I had breakfast this morning: "We do not rent pigs." Not something you see very often in the big city -- or maybe anywhere, for that matter. And I was hoping for a porcine leasing arrangement. . .

As I'm driving in to Afton each day, I start mentally reciting routine things that need to be done as soon as I get there -- deactivate security system, turn on lights, get out money box, open the showroom, Windex the showcases, etc. The one thing that often makes or breaks my good mood upon arrival is putting out the flags. It's a little nothing job, but they're an absolute necessity to let people know we're open. But if the day is very hot, very cold, or very windy, I face them with much more distaste than the chore actually deserves. In Oklahoma, most days tend to be very hot, very cold, or VERY windy! Today was the windy kind. The wooden sign kept blowing down, so I gave up on that. And my hair was a wind-blown mess all day. Note to self: Hurry up and get a haircut!

That strong wind blew six visitors (literally!) into Afton Station today. A couple from Lancaster, PA and headed for Phoenix had decided to "do" Route 66 on the way. A visit to Gary Turner in MO yesterday had them well-armed with guidebooks for their trek. They were collecting autographs in their Images book. I always feel (ridiculously) like a celebrity when asked for my autograph. While those folks were still there, a man from Elm Knot, TX arrived and we all talked for a while. After the Pennsylvanians left, the Texan and I had, for obvious reasons, an interesting chat about his wife's recent kidney transplant. Later, a couple from Grove, OK stopped by. The wife, having previously lived in both Depew and Bristow, OK, had lived just about all her life along Route 66, but like so many, hadn't thought much about it until recently. Finally, just as I was closing, a handsome and wonderfully dressed young man from Broken Arrow, OK arrived to close out my day on a high note.

I had a call from Ron M., who is vacationing in California and Nevada. He reports that Scotty's Castle is a "must see" if you happen to be in the Death Valley area. Take note.

My flowers are blooming! Daffs are up, and pansies are perky. Grass still brown.


Clint said...

"We do not rent pigs" is from Larry McMurtry's "Lonesome Dove" book. It was painted on a sign at the entrance to the ranch. :)

Laurel said...


Ohhh! I guess I'm just not up on my McMurtry! Thanks for the reference. It's nice to know somebody is reading my blog that closely. I think I'll go get "Lonesome Dove"!

Trevor Hilton said...

Oklahoma has two kinds of weather: miserable hot and miserable cold.

An Oklahoma wind gauge is a log chain on a post. If the chain is sticking straight out, it's normal. If links are snapping off the end, it's a little breezy.