Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just a fun fact

For my birthday, Ron M. gave me a book entitled "Means of Transit", a memoir by Tulsa author Teresa Miller. I'm enjoying it immensely, especially all the references to places I recognize. I just had to laugh at a passage the author relates about an incident that occurred when she was on the faculty at Rogers State College (now University) in Claremore. She invited the world famous PBS news anchor Jim Lehrer to speak at the college. He responded that he'd be delighted to accept, with only one condition -- he didn't want to stay at the Elm Motel! He claimed he'd traveled the country with his bus driver father when he was a kid, and knew which motels to avoid.

The Elms doesn't look too bad today. It's old, and it's outdated, but still appears to be serviceable. I pass it each day on the way to Afton, so I'll now look at it with different eyes.


Gordo said...

I did stay at the Elms in Late August of last year. You can't expect much for $30.00....And I didn't. Perhaps I had a really bad room, as it was pretty dirty, smelly, and nasty. But then again, it was $30.00. Would I stay there again??? Not a chance.

Laurel said...

Good to know, Gordon! I eat breakfast right next door to the Elms and have always wondered if it was a fleabag or a little bit decent. Sounds like it's closer to a fleabag. Too bad, since it's mighty cute from the outside. I suggest that it's the kind of place that, with a little TLC, could be a real gem. Too bad the effort hasn't been made.