Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hamming it up

My breakfast choice this morning was Woody's Cafe in Claremore, the place that served me a ridiculous sized piece of ham the last time I went there several years ago. The chunk of ham could have served six people. I decided to try it again today, and I asked for a small portion of ham. Here's what "small" means at Woody's. Still huge. It was really good, however(despite this photo looking kind of gross). I like the place and will be going back more often. It's a bit off Route 66, on the road that runs from Old 66 to the turnpike interchange.

I'm sitting here now at the Station with high hopes for a busy day, since the weather has taken a turn for the better -- possibly 70 degrees today! I hope that brings travelers out of the woodwork. I see from the guest book that David had a couple of visitors yesterday from Mechanicsburg, PA so I guess some folks are out there traveling now.

It WAS a good day! My visitors came from W. Burlington IA, Boron CA, and Grove, Claremore, and Muskogee, OK -- 11 in all. The couple from Iowa is doing the whole Route 66 trip, beginning in St. Louis and ending in Los Angeles. The did the Illinois portion last year. The Boron, CA visitor was Lindsay Ross, a gentleman I've been corresponding with for some time. He has a Packard ready for restoration and hopes some day to have a little car museum in the California desert. He's been to Afton Station before, but I wasn't there that day. Today, he stayed for a couple of hours and he, Betty W. , and I had a nice conversation. I got to meet Betty's friend Hazel today, too. I like all of Betty's friends.

I'm home now, and it's looking a bit like rain. I'll be at Afton Station as usual in the morning.

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Unknown said...

Wish I could have hammed it up with you my friend. I appreciate the news from your part of the world. Miss you. - Joe