Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From all over the map. . .

Middle of the week. Gloomy, drizzly day. I figured there wouldn't be many people traveling today. WRONG! I got to Afton Station early (as usual) and had time to empty a few wastebaskets and get out my laptop, hoping to experiment with doing some blogging directly from the Station. Before I had the chance to make a single keystroke on the laptop, the fun began. It was an incredibly busy day today right from the start, a real national and international day, with folks coming to visit from near and far. I barely had time to take photos, although I managed to snap a few. Tattoo Man was with me today, and he was a great help with "crowd control". Many people came in groups and stayed for quite a long time, which made for a full, happy Station for most of the day.

Visitors from overseas came from Paris, France, Alicante and Seville Spain, Milan and Sardinia Italy, and Hamburg, Germany. Half of our 34 visitors were from overseas.
Tattoo Man reluctantly (ha ha ha!) agreed to pose with these two beautiful ladies from Milan and Sardinia, Italy

These two from Seville, Spain are fascinated by Tattoo Man's 80 Route 66 tattoos. Yes, eighty! He got another one this week. Here, they're photographing his "walking billboard".

Meanwhile, I caught this attractive couple from Alicante, Spain catching a little kissy-kissy as they left the Station.

Meanwhile, there were lots of domestic visitors today, too. They came from Detroit MI, Langley OK, Grove OK, Rockford IL, Cottonwood AZ, Toledo OH, Olympia WA, Bartlesville OK, and Sugarland TX. All my guests were in a buying mood today, too!


Beth said...

A surprisingly busy day for a gloomy one, eh? That's wonderful! Hope there's no major damage from the flooding. :( Hugs, Beth

Susie said...

What a great job you have. Need an assistant?????????
Sounds like a fun, fun day.
Susie in northern NY

Trevor Hilton said...

So many foreign visitors. Strange that foreigners seem more interested in "Americas Main Street" than Americans are.

There must be some way that Americans can be told of the fascinating things that's right here, waiting for them.