Monday, September 21, 2009


There will be no blog entry today (other than this little one) for the following reasons:

* I didn't go to Afton Station today.

* It's been raining mightily for hours, and all the rain/hail/wind/thunder/lightning has prevented me from turning on the computer until now. In fact, right now I'm taking advantage of a window between storms to quickly post this.

* I have little or nothing to report. I cleaned out the freezer and made a batch of strawberry jam. Big deal.

The TV news is reporting a great deal of flooding all along Route 66 from Tulsa to Afton and beyond, so tomorrow's trip to the Station should be interesting.

Oh, by the way, has anyone ever heard of a Chicken Swap, or is this a local thing in Afton? On Saturday, some people slowed down in front of the Station and asked if we knew how to get to the Chicken Swap. Stifling our laughter, Ron M. and I had to admit we'd never heard of such a thing, nor did we know where it might be located. It just sounds funny. When I got home that night, I googled "chicken swap", and lo and behold, this came up! Afton Poultry Swap Afton, Oklahoma 74331 I hope I can attend some time. Sounds like a hoot!


Ron McCoy said...

"I'll trade 'ya these here two hens for that rooster....."

Trevor Hilton said...

You're skippin' out today!?!?
Just for that, I'm quittin' your blog and I'll read a I-44 blog instead!

That'll show you!

Brenda's Arizona said...

Well, darn. My husband is on his way home (to Arizona) from Wisconsin. He stopped by to say HELLO from me (Monday about noon your time). I hope he left a note! And I hope it was polite, haha.

Laurel said...

My ex-husband was at the Station yesterday and may have met your husband and given him a tour. I'm not sure, though. Sometimes he gets busy and doesn't hear the doorbell. In any case, I'm sorry I wasn't there and I hope your husband didn't get too wet. It rained SO much yesterday!

Laurel said...


Don't you dare!