Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ron M., Cinematographer

Ron M. got a new Flip Video camera and he experimented with it today. Considering it was his first day with the clever little gadget, I think he was doing a great job. He took all the clips he made of Afton Station home with him tonight so he can put together a short "movie" about the Station. When he gets it done, I'll post it here. That might happen later this evening or maybe tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we did other things today as well. Betty spent the better part of the day with us, which of course we appreciated as usual. We also had a good many visitors. But before I get to that, I should report that Marly opened the Station for a while yesterday and ended up having 24 visitors, which included a small motorcycle group from I-don't-know-where (he didn't make note of that) and visitors from Tasmania (Australia) and Northern Ireland. Our visitor count for this month already tops all other months since we've been open, and we still have 6 days left!

Our guests today were from Broken Arrow, Edmond, Miami, and Ponca City OK, Manhattan and Pittsburgh KS, St. Croix WI, Saratoga Springs NY, and Condriell, France.

Here are some of the folks in the French group. They were completely decked out in American garb. We always try to guess the origin of our visitors before they walk through the door, but not one of us had this crowd nailed. Although none of them spoke more than a word or two of English, they exuded their love of the U.S. Among them were a "cowboy" and a "biker", and all of them wore cowboy boots, not your typical French visitors. We hated to say "au revoir" to these nice folks.
These three guys from Saratoga Springs, NY were a hoot. The one in the middle is a chiropractor who enticed his two friends, a retired firefighter and an auto mechanic, to join him on his dream trip across Route 66. The friends complained that the chiropractor was driving them all crazy with his enthusiasm and hijinks, but finally admitted that they really loved it. Their friendship was obviously strong and longstanding, and they were all having a ball.

That's all for now, unless Ron finishes his video.

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Beth said...

I'll look forward to the video! I have a Flip, too, and although the quality isn't stellar, it's so handy and easy to use that I just love it!