Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Judy, Judy, Judy

This is my friend Judy, who has been visiting for a couple of days. Unfortunately, she had to leave to go back to Florida this morning. But we had a great time at Afton Station yesterday. She got to see the nonsense that goes on there every day. We also had several great meals out while she was here. Then, this afternoon David (the ex) and his wife took me out for sushi. So, I'm fully satiated and won't be hungry again for days!As you'll remember, the other day we had our first Zimbabwian visitor at the Station. Yesterday, I had my first visitor from India! I get such a kick out of foreign visitors because of their enthusiasm and great spirits. Most of them also have amazing knowledge of Route 66. They never come without some prior knowledge of what they're going to see. The Indian visitor was from the town of Jamshedpur, which he described as India's "Motor City" because that's where all the car factories are located. We also had a visitor from Tours, France, and Hamilton, Ontario, so it was a very nice international day.

Domestic visitors came from Pleasant Point, OH and Locust Grove, Tulsa, and Grove OK -- 21 visitors in all. It was nice that they didn't come in all at once, because we got to talk to everyone at some length.

The other day, Tattoo Man gave me some photos of the inside of his garage, which he's decorated in a Route 66 theme. The mural was painted by his wife. He's got a good start at a license plate collection, as well as a nice array of other Route 66 memorabilia and signs. Nice going, Tattoo!


Beth said...

I'm so glad you had such fun with your friend! And now all I can hear is Goober Pyle saying "Judy-judy-judy" on the Andy Griffith Show. LOL

Trevor Hilton said...

I like Tatoo's garage. Every man's dream home is a $10,000 house with an attached $100,000 garage.