Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Observations

Wednesday is the 1st birthday of this blog! It's hard to believe I've been doing this for a full year. I've enjoyed it immensely and have no intention of stopping my daily ramblings. From childhood, beginning almost as soon as I could write, I was a very determined diary-keeper, and somewhere around here I have a whole carton of my old journals and diaries. I did this for years, then stopped soon after I got married and never resumed daily writing. I must say that I've evolved just a little bit from those early days, where my most pithy entries were things like "I got an A+ on my multiplication tables" or "My mother made me go to my room and I'm SO MAD!" I just hope I haven't bored any of my readers into a stupor this year -- but then if I had, I guess you wouldn't still be around to read this. I do appreciate all of you, and hope you stick with me for a while longer. Since I'm the one who won't be around on Wednesday, I'm giving myself an early birthday cake.

I'm trying to clean up my photo files a bit, so here are a few pictures I took in the past week or two, all on Route 66 of course.
I posted a picture of part of this mural mural in Chelsea a few weeks ago. The artist has been at work every day when I drive past, and soon the whole building will be covered with color.

This is how I display my magnets for sale at Afton Station. I get some from a supplier/friend and make some of them myself.

Just another broken window in an abandoned building.


Trevor Hilton said...

Happy Birthday, Afton Station Blog! I've enjoyed every bit of it.

Keep 'em coming, Laurel. I'll keep readin' 'em.

DennyG said...

Happy almost Birthday. It's been entertaining so far so blog on, girl. Will you be posting a current multiplication tables grade soon?

Beth said...

Happy birthday, wonderful blog. :)