Friday, July 24, 2009


Although the above poster hangs in my office right next to my desk, I tend to look right past it because I'm so used to seeing it there. But today, for some reason, it commanded my attention. Since I've chronicled the restoration of Tulsa's beloved Meadow Gold sign here on the blog, I think you might be interested in it. It's a very popular piece by local photographer Greg Roach, produced just in time for our 2004 International Tulsa Route 66 Festival. It's a photo collage of signs from all over Tulsa, and on the original poster Greg quotes from Michael Wallis's "Route 66: The Mother Road":

"Signs are the ambassadors of Route 66. They are symbols of who we were and who we are and they connect travelers to their journey. Signs are forever."

It's amazing how many Route 66 enthusiasts are also interested in signage. Attempts to save, resurrect, and restore signs are taking place in many Route 66 states and cities. New Mexico has been very actively restoring it's neon heritage. I recently heard that the Tulsa Historical Society is logging all the neon in the city and so far, if I remember my figures correctly, they've logged 60-some existing neon signs right here in town.

It's always sad to see a beautiful neon sign replaced by one of those evil backlit plastic things. I wonder if some day we'll look back and feel nostalgic about backlit plastic. I doubt it!

Thanks to a suggestion by Ron, I've changed my blog instructions so that it isn't necessary to have a Google email account in order to post a comment. I never even knew this was a problem. But now... go ahead and comment away!


Brad said...

And El Rancho Grande is restoring their neon sign! I was in there yesterday and there was a guy painting it. All the neon had been removed. One of the owners said it should be finished by next week!


Laurel said...

This is such good news! Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

I want to pet Chicken.

Unknown said...

Where can I acquire a copy of this print?