Monday, July 13, 2009

Waaaaay off topic!

Forgive me in advance. Please. You know I rarely stray from talking about Afton Station, Route 66, or Tulsa on this blog. But every now and then something comes along that's just too good not to pass on. From the moment I saw this on Facebook this morning, I knew I had to share it, but since I still can't figure out how to imbed YouTube videos on my blog (Help!), I'll just link it up here.

It's been hanging around YouTube for a while, I guess, because it has over 300,000 hits, but it's new to me, so maybe it will be new to you, too. I can't stop laughing. It's the perfect combination of archaic and clueless. Am I completely crazy, or does anyone else think it's great? Maybe it's a generational thing.....

As I said before..... sorry!


Ken Riches said...

Even more fun to read the comments at YouTube :o)

To add video to your blog. First, go to YouTube, and copy the "embed" code. Then, go to your new post on blogger, and click on the "html" tab - past the embed code, then go back to compose to add your own text.

Hope this helps :o)

Ron McCoy said...

Hahahaha....I loved this YouTube comment the best: "Hey Lawrence! Can you roll me a number please? A one and a two......"

Beth said...

OMG, that is hilarious! I loved how they really got into it there at the end. And did Lawrence call that song a spiritual?! Hahaha!

I see that Ken gave you embedding instructions. Just email me if you need any additional help! I think what he called the HTML tab has a different name on Blogger--but it's up there on the right by "compose."

Laurel said...

After watching the video several more times and reading the comments on YouTube, I have to agree with the people that theorize that the whole cast was aware of the meaning of the song, but didn't tell the clueless Welk. Note how Myron Floren could barely keep from laughing when he introduced it, and the two singers (Chip and Dale, or whatever their names are) were in on the joke, too. Just look at their faces. That makes it even funnier.

Thanks for the imbedding info, Ken. I'll try it the next time.

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