Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hot weather and hot girls

The parade of foreign visitors continued today at Afton Station. On this uncomfortably hot day, we were as cool as cucumbers indoors with the air conditioner humming. Ron M. drove up with me, and Tattoo Man drove over in his '56 Chevy. Our first visitors, who arrived soon after we got there, were from Denmark. We were also visited by someone from Wichita, KS who is planning the route for a car cruise in October of '10 ! You heard me right....'10 ! Now that's what I call advance planning! But I put it in my book, and barring any unforseen circumstances, I'll be happy to host the group of about 50 cars.

Ron M. confirmed his title as "Laurel's Favorite Person" by mopping the entire floor, then going out in the 100+ heat and washing the windows, the portico, and the gas pumps. Oh, let me add that yesterday he was the one who purchased the mop and bucket for me! He's such a good friend.

Later, we were graced by the presence of three extremely cute young women from France, one from Paris, one from Nantes, and one from Bordeaux. They're college friends who are touring all of the Mother Road (westbound), so young single men along Route 66 should keep a lookout! Not only were they attractive, but they were cheerful and lots of fun. (Prediction: They'll win the title of "Most Hit On" on Route 66 for this decade. LOL!)

We especially liked the cowboy boot look!

Another special guest today was Larry Kinsey from Kansas, completing his 31-day tour of the western states. He's a good Route 66 friend who stopped in last month at the beginning of his trip, and came today to deliver a report. He stayed a while and told us about all his enviable visits to national parks and other wilderness areas. Nice! Larry collects Indian flutes, showed us several he bought on this trip, and even played a little bit for us. I love that sound!

Later in the day we were visited by folks from Tulsa. The patriarch of this family group told me about a Packard dealership that used to be on Boulder Ave. I'd been wondering where the Tulsa Packard dealership was located, so this was an interesting piece of information. He also told me that his father had started a chain of restaurants in Tulsa in 1936 called White Knight Nickel Sandwich Shops.... and yes, the sandwiches were all really a nickel!

We finished the day with visits from a group from Ketchum, OK, then several very hot and uncomfortable motorcycle riders from Welch, OK who were eternally grateful for a few moments in our air conditioning! So much for another weekend in steamy Afton, Oklahoma


Ken Riches said...

Hope you get some heat relief soon :o)

Trevor Hilton said...

Do those women need a guide to show them around Oklahoma City? I'm willing to show them around.

It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!

Beth said...

Sounds like a fun day, and yes, I predict those young French ladies will enjoy themselves on their road trip! How cool is it that such young people are taking a Route 66 trip?