Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Watch This Space

Due to several projects needing my immediate attention, as well as an unexpected 3 1/2 hour wait at Sears this afternoon while getting new tires, I will have no time for blogging this evening, nor will I have time tomorrow because I have a dinner meeting tomorrow night. Therefore, this is just a space filler so that my loyal readers don't give up on me. See you on Saturday!


Beth said...

See you then...and hello from Detroit!

Trevor Hilton said...

You deserve a break.

I got a bundle of Oklahoma Route 66Tour Guides and put them in the break area of the FAA building where I work. Four days later and about half of them are gone and one of the instructors here who restores old VW Beetles is talking about cruising 66 this weekend.

The Road is growing.