Monday, June 22, 2009

Scenes on 66

Today, a collection of photos I've taken in the past. I'm too lazy to be creative today.

The other day, I explained that I really don't like sailboats because I spent way too much time on them in the past. But ever since I've been driving to and from Afton, I've passed this sloop, high and dry in a farmer's field on Route 66 near Claremore, hundreds of miles from a large enough body of water to accomodate the space it takes to effectively tack a boat of that size. Wild vines are starting to take over, and it actually looked rather beautiful, anointed by the early morning light. I'd like to know it's story.

You've heard me talk about my dear friend Betty from Buffalo Ranch for about 9 months now. I dug out this photo of "Betty's Place", the drive-in she had for 41 years. The picture was taken just before the bulldozer turned it to rubble so that a truck stop could be built. The sign on top and some of the smaller signs now reside at Afton Station.

Motel at night, Claremore, OK. "We'll keep the light on for you." I love motels!!

I took this one a few years ago to be included in a Route 66 calendar I published. I photoshopped the heck out if it. It's on 11th St. (Route 66) in Tulsa. Since the time of this picture, the building has been painted and refurbished and the mural no longer exists.

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Trevor Hilton said...

I've heard of "Prairie Schooners", but that's a taking it to extreme's.

About motels, I once read the owner of Wayan's KuKu burger in Miami said, he doesn't need to see the world. By running that resturant, the world comes to him. I suppose a motel would be the same.