Sunday, June 7, 2009

Super Chopper

First, let's get the sunrise picture out of the way. :-)
There, now I can proceed with my Ramblings....

I'm afraid this will be the last day this summer that I'll be able to have the door open and the A/C turned off at Afton Station. It was HOT today, but I was once again too stubborn to flip on the air conditioner to get some relief. I know the electric bills will soar to unbelievable heights when I finally succcumb, but it's not fair to my volunteers and guests to make everyone suffer just because I'm feeling like a cheapskate lately. So, I surrender! On Tuesday, there will be COOL!

Loose bull! Loose bull! I've seen more and more cattle grazing dangerously near the side of the road lately, having escaped their fenced pastures. Usually they're cows -- this time it was a bull!
My photo du jour is of Cotton Eyed Joe's BBQ on Route 66 in Claremore. I love their sign, I love their atmosphere, and I particularly LOVE their barbeque! Try it some time. You won't be sorry. You don't have to take just my word for it. Marian Clark, author of The Route 66 Cookbook, is also a fan.
Despite the heat, it was a very good day at Afton Station. Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones was there most of the time, and Betty came for a few hours, too. We started the day with the arrival of folks from V8 Choppers in Miami. They custom-build gorgeous motorcycles with automobile V8 engines! They came to take some photos of one of the Choppers in front of our gas pumps. The photograper made us a little nervous by spending an inordinate amount of time in the middle of the street, but since he managed to escape death by semi-tractor trailer truck, it was a pleasant visit. Here's the rather spectacular 350V8 bike. Get a load of that engine! If it toppled over, I believe one would need a tow truck to upright it.
Other visitors were mostly of the tri-state variety. There were 20 of them, and the farthest came from Carthage, MO. The others came from Bentonville, AR and Owasso, Miami, Shindler, Tulsa, and Claremore OK. Perhaps all those predictions that family travel will be of the closer-to-home variety this summer will prove to be true. Most of the travelers were either on day trips or weekend outings. There wasn't a long-distance Route 66 traveler in the bunch. No matter, they were all enjoying the sun and the road.


Beth said...

That's one crazy bike! I could definitely go for some barbecue right now....

Trevor Hilton said...

There's a company called Boss Hoss that makes motorcycles, and trykes, powered by Chevy engines. Their website is here:

Looking at that resturant, suddenly the song Cotton Eyed Joe began playing in my head. Fortunately, I like that song.