Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just peachy!

On Monday, I made a concerted effort to do all my chores that needed to be done this week, so that today after dialysis I could enjoy a whole afternoon to myself to do whatever I felt like doing. It's been many months since I've been able to do that, and I was feeling a deep need to see some new territory. No offense to Route 66, but as much as I love it, the scenery between Tulsa and Afton is starting to get a bit old!

So, off I went. When I left the hospital, I headed east with absolutely no plan in mind. As it turned out, I drove for about 10 miles before I realized I'd forgotten to go to the bank, which is directly across the street from dialysis. So, I ended up back where I started. After acquiring a little cash for the trip, I proceeded in a vaguely southeastern direction until I was out of the city of Tulsa. I was already thinking that I wasn't in the mood to go very far after all. It's so darn hot out there and the car A/C wasn't really keeping up with the oppressive humidity. But I plugged on, through the small towns of Coweta and Oneta. On the other side of Coweta, I realized that I was very near the tiny farm town of Porter. Porter is known in these parts for being the Peach Capital of Oklahoma. They hold a peach festival every year, and everyone looks forward to the annual crop. I had no idea if the peaches were ripe yet, but as long as I was that close, I decided to give it a try. The Livesay Orchard seems to be where everyone goes, so that was my destination. And I was rewarded when I saw piles of gorgeous peaches mounded in baskets everywhere. As it turns out, only their three earliest varieties had been picked, but I was given samples of each one, and they were awesome! So, I bought a half peck which is now sitting on my kitchen counter ready to be divided between a couple of friends and myself. There's nothing better than a fresh peach (unless it's a bowl of the incredible fresh peas I bought a couple of days ago at a farm store.) I love this season!

To get to the orchard, one must cross this creek. The name certainly discourages stopping for a long, cool drink!I found this sign in Coweta. The neon is all broken out, but it's a very cool sign and I hope somebody decides to restore it.
After buying the peaches, I drove home. So much for my long odyssey. My house is cool and dry, and I'm glad to be here. Back to Afton tomorrow.


Beth said...

Mmm, our corn won't be on for a little bit yet, but we're getting close! As full as I still am after our cookout, you're making me hungry!

Ken Riches said...

Those peaches look divine :o)

Trevor Hilton said...

When I was still living with my parents we would go to Porter to pick our own. Then, when we got home Mom would bake a couple of fresh peach pies. They were Heavenly.

There were a few pick-your-own stawberry fields up around home, too. MMMMMMMM!