Friday, June 12, 2009

Cleaning out my photo file

Since it's unlikely that I'll be blogging tomorrow and possibly not Sunday either (guests coming, remember?), I wanted to touch bases with all you fine folks who take time out to read my drivel each day. I will keep notes on the activities at Afton Station, of course, and we'll catch up next week. Until then, I was cleaning out my picture file and came across a few to post here. They are aren't remarkable, significant, or even very interesting but, well, I hate to see a blank page.

Ghost sign on a cafe on Route 66 in Litchfield, IL.
The ugliest house I've ever seen -- in a suburb of Chicago. (If the owner of this home, by some unreal coincidence, happens to see this, my apologies. But don't you think it's a little tacky to have cartoony murals all over your house?)

"Root 66" Real Estate, Bristow, Oklahoma
When the MetLife blimp came to Tulsa for a week during the PGA Golf Championship. I LOVE blimps!
FOR SALE: My 1991 TC Maserati, which just sits in the garage because I never drive it. Black, low mileage, perfect condition, soft top and hard top, all the bells and whistles.


Trevor Hilton said...

That convertible would make a great Route 66 cruiser.

But, alas, my family takes priority over my toys (sigh).

Beth said...

I love ghost signs. I remember when you were trying to make out what a faded sign on a building said...I've done that, too, and it's always like you've just translated the Rosetta Stone when you finally get it. :)