Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Loose Ends

I realized that I have a lot of loose ends to clean up from yesterday, so here's another hodgopodge of things that are on my mind.

The water tower, like so much in Afton, could use a makeover.
Ron M. led me to this great photo of the Meadow Gold sign in it's original location, about a mile from where it's being reconstructed. As you can see, it used to be on the roof of a building (a bar, actually) whereas now it has it's very own "pedestal".

A local Afton resident came for a visit yesterday and brought his '84 Olds 98, of which he's very proud. Here he is showing David his pride and joy.
Tulsa was named the No. 1 city in the country by Relocate America. This is the 12th year they've produced their "TOP 100 Places To Live" list. Relocate-America's™ 2009 Top 100 Places to Live Relocate America helps home buyers and sellers access relocation resources that make moving easier. The Relocate America team reviews local economy, housing and other essential statistics important to making key real estate buying decisions. I get very excited when I hear about things like this, since I agree with them completely. Tulsa is simply THE BEST! As a relative newcomer to Tulsa, I'm happy every day that I made the decision to move here.

Finally, I forgot to tell you yesterday about the big doings that are going to take place at Afton Station on Saturday. David has invited over 100 people, driving about 50 vintage cars, to drop in for lunch! It seems he volunteered us as the lunch stop for the Route 66 Vintage Sports Car Rally, a 4-day rally on (you guessed it) Route 66. We're donating the food, since the rally is a fundraiser for the Autism Society. We've had big groups at Afton Station for lunch before, so it's not complicated. We'll put out a buffet of barbecued brisket (pre-cooked and sliced), buns, potato salad, and beans. Very picnicky, but always well-received. It should be a lot of fun, and I'm sure there'll be some great photo ops while David does all the work. :-)

That is all.


Ken Riches said...

Sounds like you are putting out a nice spread for a good cause.

Beth said...

The fundraiser on Saturday sounds like it will be a blast! I know you'll enjoy meeting all kinds of people!

I loved the picture of the stone building in the previous entry. Very cool.

Hugs, Beth

Allan said...

Hi We will be come your way in May. Will be leaving Potland, OR on the 1st so we will be looking forward to see you sometime in May.
Sounds like you have a nice place to make a stop at.


Trevor Hilton said...

My son is autistic. So, as you might guess, I would love to support that.

Don't know if you are aware of this historical fact, but, when
Creek Indians were relocated from their native Alabama, they started a village. They named the new village after their old one, Tulsee Town. Can you guess what the new village was named?

Laurel said...

Trevor - I've heard that Tulsa used to be called Tulsey Town, so I'm guessing it's TULSA! Am I right?

Allan - Will look forward to meeting you when you come through Afton!