Friday, April 24, 2009

Gilcrease Museum Azaleas

I took my friend Joe's advice and drove over to the Gilcrease Museum this afternoon to have a look at the azalea gardens. Joe was right.... they are gorgeous. Like so many large gardens, photos just can't do them justice, I'm afraid. And just as I got there, the sun went behind a large cloud, so the colors in my pics aren't as vibrant as they could be in the proper light. But enough excuses from me. Just look at the pictures and imagine it being 100 times prettier in person. By the way, the Gilcrease isn't directly on Route 66, but it's close enough!

Gilcrease Museum - The Museum of the Americas

"Tulsa's Gilcrease Museum is one of the country's best facilities for the preservation and study of American art and history. The museum's charm, beauty and art collections draw thousands of visitors from around the world to the hills just northwest of downtown Tulsa for a glimpse into the past. Gilcrease Museum houses the world's largest, most comprehensive collection of art and artifacts of the American West. The Museum also offers an unparalleled collection of Native American art and artifacts, as well as historical manuscripts, documents and maps.Beyond the extensive Gilcrease collections and exhibits are its beautiful facilities and gardens. Themed gardens have been developed on 23 of the museum's 460 acres."


Ken Riches said...

Wow, that is spectacular :o)

Trevor Hilton said...

That's a terrific museum. It's beautiful inside and out.