Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More from Gordo

Gordo, my friend and wonderful, innovative photographer who's not afraid to take chances, has come out with some great new images of Route 66 such as the one of Afton Station above. He's now experimenting with a technique called HDR, which he explains, briefly, thus:

"It is combining multiple images of a scene, sometimes three to five, and "merging" them together, into one image. I'm sure you know about over and under exposure. When a camera takes a single image, the exposure is usually "averaged" for the scene. Sometimes it works, other times, you get just blah!! So, for HDR, one needs to take three images...(or more).....Overexposed, (to get the shadows) Normal, and Underexposed, (to get the skies).... These images are converted using software and then "tonemapped". After the tonemapping, more "tweaking" needs to be done. It does take some time, but the results are quite spectacular. I do think it is the future of photography."

I don't entirely understand it, but I "get it" enough to appreciate the effort put into it and the ethereal-yet-real results it produces. He's also a master at finding unique and interesting detail and angles in his work. I'm a big fan!

Here are some examples of his work. He sells his images as enlargements, posters, and postcards. His website, where you may view many, many more of his photos, is http://www.handcolored66.com/

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