Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flow Gently, Sweet Afton

It's not quite the gentle country stream of Robert Burns' poem, but it's ours. Yes, it's our very own ditch, right there on the property of Afton Station. It goes to prove that occasionally you get what you ask for. Our complaints about a broken underground pipe have been addressed, and this is how far the town crew got yesterday. In future days, we'll see what they find as they proceed to tear up the town in pursuit of the elusive leak. Meanwhile, anyone for some mud wrestling?

It was getting dangerously close to being another day determined to depress me. Rainy, cold, gloomy, and no visitors. At least Ron M. was with me today, so we could be bored together. David was also present, working on the new showroom. (The heat and air conditioning are in and working!) However, not a single traveler came to our door all morning. And then, just as we were contemplating an early closing, in walked these folks to cheer us up. They are a father and daughter, one from Hutchinson, KS and one from Austin, TX who were on their way to Madison, WI to join the protesters who have been so stalwartly objecting for the past month or so to the unfair treatment being given to unionized public employees in that state. Ron and I thought it was lovely that dad and daughter were traveling together to join a cause for which they feel strongly. And since I happen to know someone in Madison who is at the forefront of the demonstrations, I gave them his name and told them to seek him out.

Yesterday, Tattoo held down the fort at Afton Station and visited with 9 guests, who came from California, Maryland, Michigan, and North Carolina. Some were friends and strong Route 66 supporters and I do wish I could have been there to visit with them.

The sides are up on the new building across the street. Things are happening in Afton, Oklahoma!


Trevor Hilton said...

Tell ya whut we're gonna do. Ah'll take muh 'cycle up there. Print up some flyers sayin', "One day only! The Great Trevor Hilton is gonna re-enact Evel Knievels historic Snake River Canyon Jump!"

Oughta make some money.

When life hands ya lemons, make lemonade.

Seriously, is that much of the water main damaged, or did it take that much digging to find the leak?

grump said...

Laurel... Interesting to say the least.... Good luck... BTW what is that big white building behind the new building??


Laurel said...

Trevor - You've got yourself a deal. When can you be here? Wear your mud suit, just in case.
It's all digging. They haven't found the damage yet. So, the Great Trevor Hilton Jump might be even bigger if you wait too long. :-)

Grump - The big white thing is the grain elevator/feed mill.