Saturday, March 19, 2011

Neither rain nor cold . . .

. . . could keep Route 66 visitors away from Afton Station today. They weren't exactly breaking down the door as a result of the good local publicity we received this week, but we did have 18 visitors, most of them from around Oklahoma. This large family, the final visitors of the day, are from Sperry, OK.

Others came from Tulsa, Grove, and Talihina OK, and Rogers, AR. Several were families out for a day of roaming during the final weekend of Spring Break. However, the gentleman from Rogers, Arkansas came in to do a little pre-scouting for a group of "car guys" who will be coming for a visit tomorrow. I like knowing we'll have a group stopping in tomorrow. And the couple from Tulsa was also scouting for a group of elder citizens from a church which would like to visit on April 7. So, the schedule for the spring/summer is beginning to fill out nicely.

Ron was with me today, and our trip home was slower than usual due to driving rain during the middle 30 miles. Now that I'm home, the clouds are parting, which is great for two reasons. For one thing, Tulsa is playing host this weekend to about 100,000 visitors who are here for the NCAA basketball tournament and I'd like to see them have a good time in good weather in our fantastic city. Secondly, tonight there will be an unusually large and bright full moon which they're tellling us will be interesting to view.

Here's just a progress shot of the new building across the street. They were puting plywood sheathing on the roof today.

Robin worked at the Station yesterday, and she played host to 8 visitors, from Mayback TX, Chevy Chase MD, Baxter Springs KS, and Edmond and Dewey OK.

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