Thursday, March 17, 2011

A little local publicity

Two local newspapers printed a great article about Afton Station today, the work of the reporter/photographer Michael Christian who visited us two weeks ago and spent a lot of time talking to us and taking photos. Although it's a long article, for once there are no glaring errors. And, we got a full page of photos, too! It pays to be in a small town. I doubt this would have made it into the New York Times. :-) I received a big envelope from one of last summer's visitors, Richard Dinkela from St. Peters, MO. You may recall that he was having folks sign his car as he traversed Route 66. He sent me a beautiful photographic collage which includes a picture of my Burma Shave sign and one of me signing the hood of his car. When I have more time, I will post some excerpts from his letter, which is the writing of a truly committed Route 66 fan. I'm impressed.

It's Spring Break around here, but very few people seem to want to spend it at Afton Station. It's cloudy but unseasonably warm today with a fierce wind. I even got to have the door open for a while. Only 6 visitors came calling today. A lady from Vinita, OK stopped by briefly. Three teachers from Norman, Lawton, and Wilson OK came in to schedule a June bus tour from the Oklahoma Alliance of Geographic Educators. Late in the day, two local Aftonites wandered in for a few minutes. And that was my day, but maybe this weekend we'll have a surge of local visitors prompted by the newspaper publicity. I hope, I hope. . .

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Trevor Hilton said...

Could be the gas prices that're keeping people home, too.

I still remember stopping in at your place on Spring Break last year. Hunter climbed up on the Air Flow.
Marley took our picture in front of the Route 66 shield in front of your place. It's one of my favorite family pictures.