Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boom Town

Is our little ghost town of Afton turning into a boom town? Nah, not really. But we are witnessing our first new construction for many many years (other than our own quonset huts). The new building is going up across the street, and there was even a real live crane in town to lift the roof trusses. We have heard that the building will house a plumber's office, a hairdresser, and a bakery! We're waiting until we hear "official" news, however. In Afton, there is much heresay and many rumors, and things change like the wind. Meanwhile, we enjoyed watching the construction today.

Actually, there wasn't much to do BUT watch the construction. A mere seven folks came to visit, and they came from Van Buren AR, Kansas City MO, and Afton and Tulsa, OK. Some of them had been there before but none were on long trips. The gentleman from Afton came in to tell me that he has lived in town all his life and can attest to the fact that at one time Afton Station housed a small Studebaker dealership. Since I'd never heard this before from any of the myriad folks who have come in to say they remember various stages of the Station's history, I was at first skeptical. But the man swears it's true. This is quite exciting, since we do have a couple of Studebakers in our collection.

Ron M. was with me today, and Phil and Robin stopped in and stayed for a while. Last night, Robin came in and polished our floors to a beautiful shine! They really needed it, and haven't looked so good for a very long time. Many thanks, Robin!

I was facing the wrong direction this morning when the sun came up, so I took this rear view mirror photo. Can't waste a nice sunrise!

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Jen said...

It's good to see some new businesses moving into Afton! Like that shot at the end of the post, too.