Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two Down, Four to Go

Happy Saturday! This is the 2nd day of my six-day stretch at Afton Station, and so far I'm none the worse for wear. Believe me, it's not the time at the Station that tires me. That's the fun part. It's not the long 160-mile round trip either. I love to drive on Route 66. What tires me is the combination of both. My time at home is short, thus my blogging time is equally short, and as you may have noticed if you read yesterday's entry, my composition, grammar, spelling, and typing skills suffer. In other words, I apologize for yesterday's error-filled contribution. I'll try to do better today.

Ron M. was my right-hand man today, and we had another really satisfying day, with 28 diverse and interesting folks coming to call. Our first visitors were these very attractive and very cheerful folks from Bucharest, Romania! I'm not sure if we've ever had Romanian visitors, but I was thrilled to meet this couple. They're doing the whole Route 66 trip but only have two weeks so they're a bit concerned about seeing everything they hope to see. If any museum/shopkeepers west of Afton Station happen to meet them, I know you'll really enjoy their visit. A family from Woodward, Iowa stopped by with their totally adorable little 15-month-old son Noah. Noah had a remarkable alertness and ability to seem interested in everything that was being said or done during the visit. I predict he will grow up to be an amazing adult. Plus, he's darn cute! I hope he remembers his first visit to Route 66! (Oh yeah, he also sported a rad pair of Crocs!)
The Cherokee Cruising Classic Car Club (also known as "The Five Cs") from Tahlequah, OK came for a visit today, too. Their member Jon Edwards is a frequent visitor to Afton Station and led the group here for a nice afternoon visit after lunch at Clanton's in Vinita. Jon is recuperating from a nasty motorcycle accident but is mending nicely. You'll recognize him from previous photos (2nd from left). I also got to meet his wife for the first time (3rd from left.) I enjoyed this visit. Fun folks! A fellow from Afton brought his motorcycle over so we could display it in our driveway with a "For Sale" sign. It's a nice bike! Anybody need a 2003 Harley-Davidson Fatboy 100th Anniversary Edition with pretty low mileage? If so, let me know. He's asking $11,000, negotiable.
Other visitors came from Brownsdale MN, Westerly RI, Osage Beach MO, and Sand Springs, Owasso, Grove, Park Hill, Bunch, Welling, and Tulsa, OK.

We took a slightly different route home tonight in a search for alpacas. There's an alpaca farm close to Afton and Ron had never seen one in person. Unfortunately, no alpacas were grazing at the time we were there, so he didn't get to see how adorable they are. So, here's one for you, Ron!
See you tomorrow after Day 3. . .

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Ken Riches said...

Sweet bike, hope he sells it soon.