Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Breakfast Bests

I said I wouldn't be back for a few days, but here I am. I was just sitting here thinking about breakfast, my favorite meal of the day, and about all the places around here where I've eaten this glorious meal. I eat breakfast out at least 4 days a week when I go to Afton Station. Sometimes I eat in Tulsa before leaving town and sometimes I enjoy my morning meal somewhere on the road. So, I've decided I'd be a pretty good reviewer of the places I've dined. Here goes. . .

BEST EGGS: Jimmy's Egg, Tulsa. I like my eggs over medium, and they always do them just right. They're big eggs, always fresh and perfect.
Jimmy's Egg, Tulsa

BEST OMELET: Clanton's, Vinita. Their sausage omelet is amazing. Lots of cheese, but it's all about the sausage.
Clanton's, Vinita

BEST SAUSAGE: Clanton's, Vinita. See above. Their sausage is totally non-greasy and very mild, just the way I like it.

BEST BACON: Eggbert's, Claremore. Thin and super crispy.

BEST OVERALL BREAKFAST MEAT: Jimmy's Egg, Tulsa. Their "sirloin patty" is the best I've ever had, for any meal. If every hamburger was made of this exceptionally good meat, I'd probably eat more burgers! The breakfast patty is huge, however, and to me that's not necessarily a good thing. It's a meal in itself, and they don't mind cooking it the way I like it -- extremely rare.

BEST ICE: IHOP, Tulsa. I know this is a weird category, but a kidney patient cares about ice. Since we can have very little fluid in our diet, we tend to suck on ice cubes a lot. IHOP's ice is very hard and very clear.

BEST TOAST: Jimmy's Egg, Tulsa. I like their rye toast, which is store-bought. But they also have home made white and raisin toast, and both are served in thick slices and are delicious.

BEST PANCAKES: Maybe I just don't like pancakes, but I've tried them at most places and I can't get excited about them. I've tried the sweet potato pancakes and the blueberry/granola pancakes at Jimmy's Egg, and although they were good, they weren't outstanding. Too thick.
Eggbert's, Claremore

BEST FRENCH TOAST: Jimmy's Egg. Definitely! It's made from those thick home made bread slices, served with hot maple syrup. You get two giant slices of homemade white and one slice of homemade raisin. I can never finish it all.

BEST BISCUITS AND GRAVY: Stoney Boyz, Claremore. They make gigantic fresh square biscuits and the gravy is the real thing.

BEST GRITS: Village Inn, Tulsa

BEST FRUIT: IHOP, Tulsa. I can't eat potatoes, so I always substitute the fruit cup. Most of it is pretty lame, but IHOP's is good. Clanton's is also good and very fresh.

BEST VALUE: Tie between Prairie Rose in Chelsea and Stoney Boyz in Claremore.
Stoney Boyz, Claremore

MOST FOOD: Corner Cafe in Tulsa. Too much, if you ask me.

BEST ATMOSPHERE: Clanton's, Vinita, of course! I'm a true Route 66 Roadie, so would I think any differently? Second is Stoney Boyz in Claremore.
Buttered Bun, Miami

FRIENDLIEST SERVERS: This is a tough one, but I have to say 1) Eggbert's in Claremore, 2) Clanton's in Vinita, and 3) Jimmy's Egg in Tulsa.
Clanton's, Vinita

BEST "FAST" FOOD BREAKFAST: Sonic, anywhere. Their sausage and egg "toaster" sandwich is quite edible.

If you don't see your favorite restaurant here, it's because 1) I've never been there, 2) it doesn't turn me on, or 3) it opens too late. I eat breakfast at 6 a.m. I've been to several others, but not enough times to rate them. I wish there were more 24-hour places around.

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