Monday, August 17, 2009

Thank you, Mr. Knight!

I wasn't planning to write a blog post today because I have a full plate of other things that need to be done, but then this email arrived from my new friend Perry Knight, a longtime Afton resident who is being so very helpful in seeking out photos for the slide show we're creating (if I ever have time to put captions on the photos we've accumulated, that is.) The two photos Mr. Knight sent with this email are fantastic!

"Well, I finally found the picture of Afton's Main Street I was telling you about. Also attached is a picture taken inside Bassett's Grocery. First, Afton's Main Street: The pickup in the picture was owned by Bassett's Grocery. I drove it delivering groceries from 1957 until 1959. I decided one day to park it on Main Street and take a picture of it. It is parked on North Main street just North of Farmer's State Bank. They tore all of the buildings down a few years later. The Drug Store in the picture was owned by Doctor Staples. It was open but I don't think anybody traded there. He NEVER changed the display in the front window and there was about a quarter inch of dust in it. The picture inside Bassett's Grocery was taken about 1955 and shows, left to right, Me, Tommy Lee Bassett, Oletha Bandy, Thomas Grover Bassett, Jr., Thomas Grover Bassett, Sr., Fay Johnson, and Jetti Miller."

I get so excited when I receive pictures like this, although it makes me sad that Bassett's Grocery is so recently closed. The fact that I know two people in the grocery photo (Tommy Lee and Perry) makes it even more fun. Thanks!


Ken Riches said...

Awesome additions to your slide show :o)

Trevor Hilton said...

Sure would be cool, Laurel, if you could find a truck similar to the one in the photo to park by your gas pumps.

Beth said...

Great photos, and yes, sad that Bassett's is no more. :(

Kristina said...

It’s cool to see a picture of my great grandmother.