Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can't think of a name for this entry :-)

After a succession of thunder boomers interrupted my sleep several times last night, I drove to Afton in a fog, both literally and figuratively. I have just arrived and it appears that the rain has stopped for good. I'm now awaiting my special guest of the day, Lauren Kidd from the alumni office of my alma mater, the University of Kentucky, who has decided she wants to spend the day with me at Afton Station to see what Route 66 is all about. I just hope the weather won't interfere with her plan to drive here from OKC this morning, because I love to show off "my" Route 66 to newbies.

Well, Lauren arrived, and so did lots and lots of visitors. Since I just got home from dinner (sushi!) with Lauren, I'm a little short on time tonight, so this will be brief. I had visitors from Lakewood CA, Independence KS, Fontana CA, Norwood CA, New Eddingburg AR, Perkins OK, Claremore OK, Richmond KY, Montreal Quebec Canada, Garner IA, Minneapolis MN, Oologah OK, and Paris, France. Also, my friend Emily Priddy from Tulsa came by for a couple of hours on her way to a job in Miami. It was an extremely busy day, and I think Lauren got a good taste of what Afton Station is all about. Just as we were leaving, Marly came by. I left him there to close up, and as we were driving away, two more cars came in. So, the 32 people I recorded as visiting today increased by several after we left.
Lauren (left) and Emily (right)

Since I won't be home tomorrow night, I'll tell you my plans. Since some old CT friends are coming to OK, I'll be driving up to Afton tomorrow after dialysis, then going to dinner with David, Sylvie and our CT friends, then staying at a motel up there in Afton so I can take my time at dinner and drink a little wine without having to drive back to Tulsa. I'm looking forward to this because although I have recommended the Route 66 Motel (just 2 miles from Afton Station) to many visitors, I've never stayed there myself. I'm not very comfortable recommending a place for which I don't have first-hand knowledge, even though others have told me it's quite nice. After tomorrow night, I'll let you know.


Trevor Hilton said...

Had thunderstorms here in OKC, too. Thursday, I was riding my 'cycle home from work and got drenched. Not only that, but pea-sized hail fell, too.

Thank God, I made it home safely.

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