Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yearbooks or Annuals?

I've always called them Yearbooks, but I guess around here they're called Annuals. At any rate, Betty Wheatley (of Buffalo Ranch fame) has been kind enough to loan me three Afton School annuals from 40 years ago, when her sons were in school. The advertising sections have yielded a treasure trove of neat photos of Afton from the late 60's, before the evil Interstate had taken hold enough to bring on it's demise. I'm in the process of scanning the photos, and Ron McCoy has agreed to clean them up and put them in a slide show. When they're ready to go, I'll send out the URL where everyone can see them. I thank Betty from the bottom of my heart for loaning them to me.

Here are two I've already scanned....McBride's Pony Rides at Buffalo Ranch. Buffalo Ranch was the famous "tourist trap" icon in Afton. Pony rides were just one of the attractions there, geared to appeal to kids. There were also Indian dancers, peacocks, and of course Betty's world famous Buffalo Burgers and Limeades.

Here's the Jon-Daw Beauty Shop. I just like this picture a lot. The hairdos of the beauticians definitely date the photo.

I was going to go to Afton Station today, but due to the dire predictions of the local weather gurus, I decided not to go. What's the weather like here now? Sunny and beautiful of course. Go figure! Anyway, I'll be going up there on Thursday instead (and Sat. and Sun. too, as usual).


Beth said...

What great pictures! I'll look forward to seeing them all.

We called them yearbooks here.

Hope you're enjoying your lovely weather!

Hugs, Beth

Trevor Hilton said...

I've always called them "Annuals." But, I've heard them called "Yearbook", too.

I can vaguely remember going to the Buffalo Ranch. I've seen pictures of us standing there. I was maybe 4 or 5 then. I'm 43 now. I can sorta remember the cheesy souveniers, like rubber tomahawks, there.

Anonymous said...

We call them yearbooks at Webster.

KaraDeanne said...

Yearbooks here as well. (Iowa)

Prof Sharp said...

Betty used to own a little Dairy Queen-esque establishment at Buffalo Ranch. I'm pretty sure it was called The Dairy Ranch, but all of the locals called it "Betty's." I miss Betty's.

All of the older Aftonites called them "annuals," but everyone under 30 calls them "yearbooks." Just a generational thing, I guess.

Alicia (former Aftonite)

Laurel said...

Alicia -- I wonder if Betty remembers you. I'll be seeing her tomorrow, so if you want to tell me your whole name and the years you lived in Afton, I would love to tell her you wrote.

How long have you been away from Afton?